Free Mp3: Stereo Crew – Bruce Wayne’s Heart Theme

The multi-talented Stereo Crew serves you another freebie in promotion of their upcoming, August 13th album release “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz”. Every thursday until the release, the Crew drops a newly recorded, free song on their Bandcamp page

The third song “Bruce Wayne’s Heart Theme” was produced by Stereo Boyz’ member Mixo aka Applauze Beetz. Contrary to the last drop “Big Dreams” this song has a darker feel, with a futuristic sounding beat, reminiscent of video game soundtracks.

Stereo Crew members Mic Audio, Mixo, Vinnie Bazz, Brand New and Kid Boombox lend thoughtful lyrics, sometimes melancholic, but also optimistic.

Mixo says: “Our upbringing & the trials of where we are from (Detroit/Chicago) have made us heroes in a sense. Like Bruce Wayne, we go from from living with the people to also living for the people & with great power comes responsibility that most people refuse to accept or really stand up for what they believe in. We are trying to inspire who we can & serve Poetic Justice.”

Free Mixtape: V3RB – The Mash Up vol. 1

Mash-Up Vol.1 is the first installment in a series of mixtapes done by BTG recording artist V3RB. The premise of the Mash-Up series is the using of a legendary hip-hop producers beats, creating an abstract body of work reminiscent of the golden age of rap music. The music while abstract at heart, still manages to have structure since each beat is cleverly picked from the catalog pertaining to that volumes producer.
For example, the 1st volume which is compiled of beats by Pete Rock, delves deep into Pete’s work throughout the years, showcasing his diversity as a producer and V3RB’s as a writer. V3RB views the Mash-up series as a personal way of paying homage since the producers he’s chosen have had a tremendous impact on not just him but plenty of followers of the culture. V3RB feels these projects are a direct reflection of the early days when he first started rapping since It was producers such as Pete Rock, MadLib, Large Professor, Diamond D, DJ Premier and J-Dilla that he listened to when kicking freestyles and perfecting his craft. The goal of the series is not to simply showcase rap talent but to draw attention to the artistry in production that in current times seems to be taken for granted. There is a certain energy associated with beat making since it is the producer who lays the canvas in order for the artist to paint their pictures.

Free Mp3: Relself – Oh Snap

“Oh Snap” is the lyrically refreshing free download by Relself produced by Squarebiznis Entertainment. While Aservant and fellow Squarebiznis partner James Romero provide a smooth non-formulaic instrumental, Relself displays a stream of conscious from the beginning acappella to the poignant statement made in the later, “Rap was for fun…Rap was a Art..Now it’s about our paper”;making this track full of win from start to finish.

Free EP: Nima Fadavi – More Bass

Nima Fadavi releases his “More Bass” EP. The bass heavy compilation featuring Berner, Roach Gigz Los Rakas and more, can most appropriately be described as “straight slap.” Everyone has those songs they put on when they want to flex their car system, and this EP is just that. Bass lovers will not be disappointed.

Catch Nima Fadavi DJing for Berner live on the “Under The Influence of Music Tour” this Summer with Wiz Khalifa, Asap Rocky, B.O.B., Trinidad James, and more.

Free Mp3: Stereo Crew – Swine Basket w/ Fries ft Cole Slaw

Detroit’s Powerhouse Stereo Crew presents “The Empire Strikes Rap” series. Every thursday from today until August 13th (which marks the Stereo Boyz’ “Carz, Clubz & Theaterz” album release) the Crew will drop a newly recorded, free song on their Bandcamp page.

The first song “Swine Basket w/ Fries Ft Cole Slaw”, recorded over The Roots’ “A Piece Of Light” instrumental, is an uplifting song with a clear message: Be Positive and let Negativity go.”

The Crew let Kid Boombox and Mic Audio do all the raps on this song, as they were affected by tragedy in their lives at the time the song was recorded, which they talk openly about in the song.

“This track is about moving forward and doing whatever you have to do against the world force feeding you swine, while calling it vegetables because they put cole slaw on the side.”, says Mixo of the Stereo Crew.

He continues: “In light of our project I am doing a 30 day detox until the album drops. That’s the statement of this song too, detoxifying your life. We want to unite and move the world forward. That’s what people need, revolutionary music, positivity, especially during the current events. We need to be unified.”

New Video: Stereo Boyz – Punchline Drunk

“Punchline Drunk” is the second single off the Stereo Boyz’ latest Mixtape “Guten Tag!”. The video was recorded during the groups’ “Midwest Neighbors” Tour, with scenes in Chicago, New York and at the legendary MonkeyBarz cipher at Union Square. “Punchline Drunk is a rap style we created, it’s the Stereo Boyz Drunken Master Style. We black out and write the illest sh** we possibly can. It’s our demonstration of being inebriated with creativity.”

The full “Guten Tag!” mixtape is available for free Download. Not only Switzerlands’ own Dj Jesaya lend cuts for the tape but also fellow Detroiters Dj Soko of The Left and Dj Prime Minister. With Mixo’s Father on the vocals of “From Ex to Best Friend” and Jon C (featured on J.Dilla’s “The Rebirth” project) this tape offers a variety of great talent, up tempo as well as soulful songs and of course the signature Stereo Boyz sound, which Germany’s legendary Dj Mad (Absolute Beginner) called “a breath of fresh air”.

[ Download Song here ] [ Download Mixtape here ]

New Video: Mic Audio & Sacramento Knoxx – Pebble in Hand

“At the risk of sounding ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by feelings of Love.” – Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Mic Audio (Stereo Boyz) and Sacramento Knoxx release the third video “Pebble in Hand” off their collaborative effort “Mi Vida Es Como Un Pelicula ( My Life is like a Movie). The album has received praises from all over the globe. PrefixMag calls it: “one of the finest rap albums we’ve heard so far this year.” and listed it in their Top 5 albums of the month.

[ Download the Song here]

[ Download the album here]