Video: dPRESS – Creative Coma

Southwest Detroit MC DPress drops new visuals for the song “Creative Coma” off his debut album “The Lions Den”.

“The Lions Den” is the first official project for the 20-yr-old artist and member of Detroit’s Stereo Boyz crew who has released several compilation albums over the past couple of years.

The tracks were inspired during a period of recovery from a series of personal and psychological setbacks after dropping out at the 9th grade when school failed him. Making music through a period of depression and isolation came to form a healing process of “writing myself I guess back to life.” Evident on “Chargin’ Up” (“nah, we don’t need elitists/we some revolutionary educated pissed-off leaders”).

Rhymes provoke thought and action; some like pages from a reporter’s notebook, recording fragments of everyday life and trying to capture the truth, others taking a stand—with riffs on immigration, the school system, prison industry, and his hometown Detroit, telling true stories of “the place where the people remain hungry/stuff you can’t imagine /fuck if you find it funny.” You also get some sharp swords and strong bars from the young lyricist who says he’s “something like your average rapper/only difference is I show damage after.”

Beats on The Lions Den were produced by local and national talent.

[ Download here ]

Interview with Mic Audio and Sacramento Knoxx (Detroit)

Hi how you doing? Introduce yourself to the readers of

Sacramento Knoxx: Aanii, Como Estas, What Up Doe!
Mic Audio: I’m Mic Audio aka Perfect Hell from the Stereo Boyz

So tell us about your latest release and where people can get it.

Sacramento Knoxx:Mi Vida Es Como Una Pelicula” & “HEART BEATS
Mic Audio: Well the full release of “Mi Vida Es Como Una Pelicula” was on March 15th and we have two singles with videos on and various blog sites, including YouTube.

This is a tough question, and I know some people like to remain humble, but if you had to give a reason why you think people should check your music, what would you say?

Sacramento Knoxx: It’s good for the soul.
Mic Audio: Quality is most important in any project I have the privilege to work on. Second is the element of surprise. Over the head lyrics matched by sample placement.

Out of all the songs you have released or been involved with, which song would you say was the popular? What is your number one track?

Sacramento Knoxx: It’s a split for me… between “dia de los indigenas” & “Love Me Too”
Mic Audio: So far “Commerical Break”, its second to “Due U be leave it”. Personally for me its a joint called “MasterPlanet”

In the whole process involved in making music which due you think is the most exciting?

Sacramento Knoxx: From the moment I hear it in my head and boomerangs back out the speakers.
Mic Audio: The opportunity of working with someone who enjoys your work and takes pride in theirs. Two different yet similar minds competing for the same goal.

When your recording what is the vibe like in your studio, do you have mood that helps you create?

Sacramento Knoxx: There’s art 360 degrees, graffiti pieces, paintings, photos, drawings, records, posters from my fellow designers, stickers, feels homey.
Mic Audio: Professionalism, plenty of laughter. Being focused on the objective drives us to work hard and complete the mission.

How do you like your production, do you prefer original played beats or more sampled based production?

Sacramento Knoxx: Both are fine with me, its just a matter of technique to reach the final sound your looking for, I’d think it be dope to write some charts, have some musicians go wild on them, then press it to vinyl, and sample it.
Mic Audio: Either form is exceptable, but if I had a choice I would have to say samples. Hearing the right sample chopped perfectly is similar to chopped steak.

What producers do you work with and are there any producers you’d like to work with?

Sacramento Knoxx: I’ve recently been doing some heavy production work with the homie info from the same neighborhood in Southwest Detroit, I’d think it be real dope to work with Paul Riser, DJ Premier, or Pete Rock but honestly there’s so much creative talent within my own city and it gonna be amazing to keep building with the home team.
Mic Audio: I’ve worked with Knoxx of course, Applauze Beetz(Mixo of the Stereo Boyz), X the Detective, Wizeworth, John C, IGadget(Berlin) and many others. I would love to work with Stoupe, kanye West, Rza, Pete rock and jay Electronica.

The Hip-Hop scene is really split between the mainstream and underground, do you think this makes it harder to get noticed by so many different types of rap fans?

Sacramento Knoxx: There’s many pros & cons to big media, but a little accountability won’t hurt..
Mic Audio: I feel the labels have separated them after so many years. They once shared a spot on mainstream media.

A lot of artists have some sort of free download project. Do you think doing these kind of releases helps or hinders sales on iTunes?

Sacramento Knoxx: It’s good & bad. Sharing information is truly a democratic process but its bad because we consume information & media at a high rate were it takes out the process of digestion & development.
Mic Audio: If you can gather enough fans from your free material, they’ll pay once you have something for sale. Quality music is excepted with I’d without a purchase.

Image seems everything these days, so lets talk about your artwork. Do you come up with concept or does your designer do it? Tell us more about who done the cover to your latest release.

Sacramento Knoxx: “girl.gun.hand.light.” painted by vaimoana litia makakaufaki niumeitolu. Acrylic on Canvas; Jan. 2010. Sandy, Utah.
Shout out Moana Love, who I’ve had the honor to work with during the past summer in San Francisco at the emerging indigenous voices residency. Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu, Moana is a Poet, Painter, and Actor with a very beautiful soul. As a founding member of Mahina Movement she now lives, creates and loves in NYC. Mucho-Miigwetch for honoring us with your artwork, many thanks hermana!

Mic Audio: Both. Our cover is a mixture of Vaimoana Niumeitolu and Mixo (Stereo Boyz)

Even though You Tube is on-line TV Station, it seems to also be the place where most people go to listen to music. Do you think putting songs up with an artwork image or photo is detrimental to your full music videos?

Sacramento Knoxx: I think its kinda cool and brings a little more interaction almost but not quiet as good as a tape, cd, or vinyl record cover, I also noticed a lot of the friends & fam used their phones to access the internet instead of an over priced computer.
Mic Audio: Yes, many would rather see a visual aide along with the song they are listening to. If the image is parallel to the audio, you have a ear and eye grabber.

Do you have anything on You Tube or you own Channel?

Sacramento Knoxx: Let’s go find out! :) southwest knoxx!
Mic Audio: Yes, you can check it on YouTube under Mixo81

Have you ever done anything for any DVD or on-line TV channels? Any freestyles or interviews on-line to check out that are recent?

Sacramento Knoxx: Hanging out at the zone radio with the homies origix & d.c., the show featured some of my production work and a live performance with (Contemporary Arts Institute of Detroit)
Mic Audio: Yes, we have freestyles and interviews VIA YouTube and on our website.

Okay before you go is there anybody you’d like to thank or anybody you’d like to shout out?

Sacramento Knoxx: ahhh maaan… just because… for mi gente that know, “shout out to my set!” LOL. here we go…
chi-miigwetch creator, familia, big thank youS to the community of southwest detroit, detroit hip hop community, Dirty Politix, Marcus Winchester, Row Mendez, dPress, Kid Mars, Xio, Lex, Sandra Love, dLush, Gabi, Mariam, Sara, Bboy Savage, Mav-One, Boy, Macario, Gemini, Blakout, The Richie, Bboy Nicholas, snapshot, Shane T, Rio, Daytwa, Pauley, Shmo, Gilla, Jose Salas, lyppa & aikens, Angelica, Bulletproof Dave, The Diaz Brothers, Curlz, Valentin, Case, info, Soufy, Crazy Dave, Anonymous, t Boi, Jesus, Papito, Josh, Micky, Brooklyn, Alma, David, Turriz, Kurt, Lupe, dEE jAY, Stephan Birch, Derrick, DJ ACID, DJ Menace Reign, Luchi, Loaf, Tek. and

Mic Audio: My mother, father, two sisters. Everyone in the Detroit music community. All of the supporters I had the privilege to meet and work with on our tour through Europe. Knoxx for giving me a chance to showcase my talent and be apart of his gift. Everyone who helped to give this project life. Thank you.

Thanks for your time, give us all the relevant website details to check out!
Sacramento Knoxx:
Mic Audio: