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B Genius translates his world and life for public consumption in the form of this new mixtape with UK Runnings. Being real this is the first time I’ve heard of this emcee but from researching about him he has back catalogue too. This is probably a good place to start though as it is bar far his biggest release to date. With a great artwork look to go with a nice solid Hip-Hop sound, B Genius has this somewhat unique way and ability to translate his life into hip-hop with ease. The mixtape is best described as an underground classic.

This year has seen a new generation of emcee’s that have become cultural messengers, this is a good thing for real hip-hop music fans and the culture as a whole. B Genius invokes the honesty that made me instantly think he is very likeable and immediately you can hear his romance with the music. The life of a struggling MC is touched on as his are his dreams and aspirations, but if the idea with this release was establish himself as someone with the ability to be a capable MC, then the good has been done.

B Genius – Galactic Universal Language (Track-list):

01. Barz (Produced by Citizen Kane)
02. Chasing (Produced by session 600)
03. High Feat. Conscience Johnson, Dragz & Stella Walton (Produced By Brad Piff)
04. Too Much Feat. Reckless.(Produced by Citizen Kane)
05. Care Free (Produced by Birdydogg)
06. Ordinary Love Feat. Stella Walton (Produced by Citizen Kane)
07. Square One Feat. Conscience Johnson (Produced by Brad Piff)
08. Sell My Soul (Produced by Citizen Kane)
09. Me V Me (Produced by Citizen Kane)
10. The One (Produced by K2)
11. Where Am I Going (Produced by Session 600)
12. Path Of the Beast Feat. Killa Virus
13. Visions Of Terror Feat. Conscience Johnson & Terra Artists (Produced by B Genius)

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Alex Dunlow

SayKriDD Daly – All Day (Album Review) @SayKriDD_Daly @ParkStreetPR


Here’s an artist whose new album is well worth checking out, not only is a good rapper but through his music he seems like a genuinely likeable guy. Here is most definitely a star in the making as he flows like melting butter over booming bass detonations and tweaking electronics. Jittery digital fuzz and SayKriDD Daly’s delivery always seem to be complimented by an anthemic chorus-line making this long player full of musical attitude. To be clear not all tracks hit the spot, but the good outweighs the bad here, and when he turns it up, he hits the spot, which is what makes his music so appealing. Refreshingly different in an era where everyone is following each other, it’s nice to hear something unique.

SayKriDD Daly – All Day (Track-list):

01 – Intro All Day VM (SCOdoubleT Skit)
02 – Rap Juggernaut
03 – Know My Name (Cuts By Winchester)
04 – Big Bad Wolf
05 – Running Feat. Prince EA & Holly Wilson
06 – Rap To You Feat. The Hellionz
07 – Believe
08 – Go Nuts!! (Cuts By Winchester)
09 – The Interlude
10 – Can You Hear Me Feat. Jimmie Black
11 – Venting
12 – White Boy Wasted
13 – Shine With Me Feat. Holly Wilson
14 – Never End
15 – My Life Feat. Holly Wilson
16 – Where The F Can I Get Your Music Ya B**tard?! VM (SKIT)

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Alex Dunlow

Tesfa, the Twin – ‘The Twin’

Brooklyn artist TESFA, THE TWIN releases a self-titled project titled ‘The Twin’showcasing his highly unique lyrical style over his crafted production. TESFA produces majority of the project with assistance from SAVIOUR, Ghost N Ghoul, Chemist, WTCHCRFT, and Kodyak. ‘The Twin’ has received placement on Bluntiq,
DailyChiefers,MusicOnTheDot, WeStayChill, Bound2HipHop, MixtapeMonkey, PreciseEarz and more. TESFA. THE TWIN has been featured on on TooGoodForRadio, BLKDMINDS as well as winning HotNewHipHop.com’s HeatSeeker competition.