Big Ribzy – Blunts & Insecurities (Produced by Lost Alliance) Album Reviewed @BigRibzy @LostAlliance @ParkStreetPR

Big Ribzy - Blunts & Insecurities - front500

I really think that out of all the UK rappers I have heard this year, Big Ribzy is the one who has one of those effortless flows, clever punchlines and most importantly, he knows how to make great songs and great albums. I mean he is only two projects deep and already he has been signed to a label across the pond, something most UK rappers can only dream of! Incredibly consistent catalogue is something rappers need, and Big Ribzy is a rapper who seems to be able to do that!

‘Blunts & Insecurities’, produced by Lost Alliance is Ribzy’s second release this year and one of my favourite releases in 2014. A lot of the production and content revolves around a funk, jazz and soulful vibe which I love with cuts like ‘Nobody But You’, ‘Petrified’ and ‘Pray For Me’ all impressing. Sonically, the lead-single, ‘First Track’ also fits in within the Boom Bap theme, and the production really helps this audio journey.

As with all Big Ribzy projects, the album is not too focussed on the same concept time after time, and this album features a lot of premier emceeing. His display some of the best rapping you’ll hear all year is delivered with passion and sincerity which makes him an artist with uniqueness. What separates Big Ribzy from your typical underground emcee is his ability to make songs that may not have much of a concept still entertaining and engaging.

It’s going to be a pretty exciting few months for UK Hip-Hop this winter and I think Big Ribzy is going to a name you are going to hear a lot more from. This album is an underground classic that deserves your attention.

Words: Alex Dunlow