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Intuitive from Shrewsbury is building a name for himself in the UK Hip-Hop scene. His debut EP ‘I, Intuitive’ was a release we blogged and supported. Intuitive is a well known battle rapper from the Spitroast league which hosts a bag of talent including Jae Sosa, Trademark Blud, Plain & Simple and many more.

It’s great seeing MC’s grow and for his second release he has teamed up with Tricksta, someone who has been involved in music for decades and has release tapes with Iron Braydz, Big Cakes, M9, Big Narstie, Big Dutty Deeze. ‘The Shropshire Lad’ is a quality UK Hip-Hop twelve tracker with features from US rapper Killah Tal of Motta Gang and UK artists Trademark Blud, Skramz, Reapz, Lordy and Dean Fenton with production from Lab Man, Riddle, Illyah, Khan E.G, Flyin’ Anvil and DJ Mainframe.

There’s killer tracks on here, freestyle cuts like ‘The Shropshire Lad’ and ‘Cross The Borders’ featuring US rapper Killah Tal of Motta Gang really get the tape off to a quality start. Grime fans have to peep ‘Wasted’ featuring Skramz & Reapz and I did laugh at the way he credited is Pound Cake freestyle ‘The Millionth Pound Cake Remix’. It’s not all fun and jokes though and tracks such as ‘Writing Letters’ and ‘Dear Dad’ show a very different side to Intuitive.

The world through the eyes of an eighteen year old who raps with sincerity and humbleness but in a battle would probably bury most of them! The two sides of Intuitive are represented well on the mixtape which is something I was quick to pick up on the more I jammed it.

Review by Alex Dunlow

Intuitive – The Shropshire Lad Tracklisting:

01 – The Shropshire Lad
02 – Cross The Borders Feat. Killah Tal of Motta Gang
03 – Wasted Feat. Skramz & Reapz
04 – The Millionth Pound Cake Remix
05 – This Is Your Time (Prod. by Lab Man)
06 – You’ll Never Feel Alone Feat. Dean Fenton (Prod. by Riddle)
07 – Writing Letters (Prod. by Khan E.G)
08 – We Run This Feat. Trademark Blud (Prod, by Flyin’ Anvil)
09 – Thump (Prod. by Riddle)
10 – Dear Dad (Prod. by DJ Mainframe)
11 – Throwback (Prod. by Illyah)
12 – Dust to Dust Feat. Lordy

Stream/Download link:

Intuitive ‘Shropshire Lad Freestyle’ (Produced by Riddle) #Video

Intuitive ‘Hakuna Matata’ (Produced by Average Keith) #Video

Intuitive ‘Dear Dad’ (Produced by DJ Mainframe) #Video

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