Awon & Phoniks – Natural High

Natural High is the first single off the forthcoming EP by Awon entitled “Matte Black”. Like the album, Natural High takes a more personal approach from Awon. The song deals with the task of maintaining a relationship while perusing his own dreams. He exposes his own flaws while pointing out the positive aspects of his lady. While this track may seem like a typical and smug ode to the opposite sex, it is quite deceptive in its own right. This song is developed with the streets in mind. Phoniks laces the track with cuts and his signature bass heavy jazz style of production. Sit back, relax and go on this journey with Awon & Phoniks.

Awon & Phoniks are a hip hop duo from Newport News, Virginia and Portland, Maine, respectively. The duo is known for their slick rhymes and soulful, jazzy productions. In July 2013 they released their critically acclaimed debut album “Return to the Golden Era” on Bandcamp and vinyl through France-based Sergent Records. Since their initial success they went on to release the album “Dephacation” along with Virginia emcee Dephlow this May. The group has remained relatively quiet over the summer but are gearing up to release Awon’s solo EP “Matte Black” this winter followed up by another collaborative LP in Summer 2015.

Words: Alex Dunlow

Aaron Cohen Drops ‘You Wouldn’t Know’ (EP)

Everybody needs a reality check. You might think you’re on the cusp of popping off, but if you’re reaching on a daily basis, you might get called out by NYC’s very own Aaron Cohen and his belief that y’all “Ain’t Shit.” The latest joint from the Inner City Kids crew member, the video features the rapper, his posse, and a disguised figure in a gorilla suit mobbing the streets, as director Goldrush captures their antics in a minimalistic fashion. Hard body production from Kemal, and a dope Taxi Driver sample aside, the video is Cohen at his prime, continuing a reoccurring theme of simplicity that can be found throughout his discography. “Ain’t Shit” is the debut video taken from AC’s au-gratis EP, You Wouldn’t Know, which is now available. Peep the video and get a crash course on Aaron Cohen by checking his latest project via SoundCloud or AudioMack.

Words: Alex Dunlow

Fashawn – Golden State of Mind (Feat. Dom Kennedy) @fashawn

Produced by Exile, “Golden State of Mind” ft Dom Kennedy is the first single off of Fashawn’s forthcoming album The Ecology slated for 2015 release.

This single will also be featured on the Mass Appeal Vol. I coming to you soon.

In the meantime, get the latest news on Fashawn:

Audessey & aCatCalledFRITZ – BPM Instrumentals (Album Stream) @Slice0fSpice


SSR-046 – Audessey & aCatCalledFRITZ – BPM Instrumentals

A1 – Welcome (Instrumental)
A2 – A New Day (Instrumental)
A3 – Impressions (Instrumental)
A4 – Solid Ground (Instrumental)

B1 – The Hop (Instrumental)
B2 – Frequencies (Instrumental)
B3 – Work It Out (Instrumental)
B4 – My Mic & Me (Instrumental)

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Rediculus – Mad As Hell (Platformz Records) #Video #Single @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR

Platformz Records is proud to announce its first single release today from Rediculus!!!

Rediculus – Mad As Hell #Single

To quote Thomas Henry Huxley, “It is better to be a man to go wrong in freedom than to go right in chains.” Taking a monologue from Peter Finch’s character in the 1976 film ‘Network,’ “Mad As Hell” creates a chilling juxtaposition of the samples passionate and triumphant call to action and the atmospheric beat from the Chi Town producer. What’s even scarier to think is that in the almost 40 years that passed since the film came out, not much has changed.

But even though things may seem tough in a world of technological isolation, there’s a glimmer of hope. Get up and get mad. Take control of your situation and break free from the ignorance that comes with following the rules of society. Check it out and stay tuned to hear more reality-bending music from Rediculus in the near future, as he gets set to release his upcoming producer compilation, ‘Dee-Fi.’ A portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of this song will be used to continue to help fund Elevarte (formerly Pros Arts Studio), who are dedicated to helping at risk youth in Chicago through the arts.

• Title: Mad As Hell
• Produced by: Rediculus
• Directed by: Nick Guarderas
• Album: ‘In Resonse: Dee-Fi’

Twitter: @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic

Immortal Technique joins Constant Flow on “Moment of Peace” | ‘Ascension’ LP Drops Next Tues (9/02)!

In recent years more than ever, Hip-Hop has been a platform of boasting ones possessions or idea of wealth. While there’s no shame in showing off every so often by toasting to the good life, there’s an ugly truth that needs to be exposed. War, genocide, corruption; these are the things that are leaving a scar in our history books. Whereas some rappers may just gloss over these disasters, Constant Flow is here to tell the whole truth to the masses. Fresh from the release of “Dog Tags,” the 2nd single taken from his Viper Records debut LP, Ascension, CF keeps the momentum rocking with “Moment of Peace,” a sharp tongued reflection of the world examined through real people, not just mass media. As Melanie Fontana supplies a chilling hook that blends effortlessly with the fact-paced instrumental, Viper’s frontman, Immortal Technique, drops a potent series of double time bars that will leave new listeners and long time fans hitting the rewind button. “Moment of Peace” is the 3rd and final leak taken from Ascension, which is set to drop next Tuesday, September 2nd, so check out the track while pre-ordering the album via iTunes!

Jake Middleton