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Rich Quick & Archie Bang #Breakfast Prod By J57 ARTWORK 500

Here is something superbly dope from across the pond. Its the brand new video & single from Rich Quick, Archie Bang, J57 and DJ J Hart which is something boombap fans should really get up on. As well as being a superb video the song itself its a corker, no wonder its getting so much love. Big tune, and I cant wait to hear an album or EP.

Rich Quick ‘Breakfast’ Feat. Archie Bang (Prod. by J57) #Video

About Rich Quick:

In April 2012 Rich Quick released “I’m With The DJ” Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles. The first 500 physical copies of the mixtape included 1 of 5 limited edition hand drawn Hip Hop themed Art Cards. Rich included the Art Cards as a testament to Hip Hop’s influence on art and pop culture. During Rich’s tour promoting “I’m With The DJ” Rich performed with notable New Jersey producer Mr. Green. After the show he was approached by Jeff Davis aka Stress the White Boy. Stress and Chuck Treece, a powerhouse production duo referred to as STREECE™, began working with Rich on an EP titled “Sad Songz” from Ben Frank Recordings.

The work on “Sad Songz” captured the attention of multi-Grammy award winning artist, Tim “Timebomb” Armstrong of Rancid and Transplants fame. Armstrong, a longtime friend of Stress, collaborated on a track with STREECE™ and Rich Quick. The track entitled “Stay True” became part of the Tim Timebomb and Friends project and quickly became a fan favorite. Other notable collaborations are Jakk Frost, Reef the Lost Cauze, and Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples)

Rich was then featured in Philadelphia Weekly calling him “Philly hip-hop’s rising star”. After features on,,, and numerous international websites, “Sad Songz” debuted top 40 on the iTunes Hip Hop Album charts the day of it’s release.

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Dilated Peoples feat Aloe Blacc ‘Show Me The Way’ – Second Single From ‘Directors of Photography’ (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Listen to ‘Show Me The Way’ feat Aloe Blacc, the brand new single from Dilated Peoples forthcoming album ‘Directors of Photograpy’ (UK release11th August).

‘Show Me The Way’ will be available via iTunes on July 22nd.

Produced by Jake One

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Hipman Junky Feat. Specialist Moss ‘On The Fence’ @HipmanJunky @SpecialistMoss @ParkStreetPR


Hipman Junky is a name you should already be aware of, but if not let us take the time to tell you! Touring with the likes of Zena and N-Dubz, working with classic UK garage label 10below, featuring on Link Up TV and collaborating on tracks alongside Benny Banks, Sway, Harry Shotta and Haze, Hipman Junky have been carving a name in the music world.

Hipman Junky is back with his latest single ‘On The Fence’ which is produced by Specialist Moss who also features. The song is already blowing up on the underground with a selection of positive reviews of some of the UK’s most followed blogs, as well as support from tastemakers and deejays.

Mixing and blending up a mixture of UK based genres, ‘On The Fence’ is a track that uses and lends influences from urban, ska, rap, reggae, indie and pop making it a real melting pot of UK sounds. The track is infectiously brilliant with a catchy chorus with easy listening wordplay.

The video for the track is also something refreshingly good as creatively the promotional video directed by Jay Parpworth hits home with great ideas and shots; the perfect visual to a perfect piece of audio.

Hipman Junky Feat. Specialist Moss ‘On The Fence’ #Video

Hipman Junky Feat. Specialist Moss ‘On The Fence’ #MP3

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Rediculus ‘Kalahnikovs and Kush’ #Video #Single @Rediculus @ShabaamSahdeeq @elgant @FamosoHTR @therealbekay @ParkStreetPR

rediculus kalashoikov & kush

With a title like “Kalahnikovs and Kush,” it’s hard to imagine that the Chi-town beatsmith, Rediculus wouldn’t bring the heat. Instead of trying to make a tribute to the godfathers of the 90’s, the upcoming producer crafts a track that takes elements of that ol’ Boom bap for the modern day Hip-Hop head. Pulling together the lyrical tactics of Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso and Bekay (who manages to shave his head while dropping some ODB-esque rhymes), the track is fertile grounds for hot 16s. “Kalashnikov & Kush” is the first single from Rediculus’ forthcoming producer compilation, ‘In Response: Dee-Fi,’ so expect more fire in the weeks to come.

‘In Response: Dee-Fi’ consists of 15 speaker breakers all produced by Rediculus, showcasing his musical growth that he’s achieved as a result of taking a one year hiatus from his previous non-stop production schedule. When asked what fueled his creative process for the album, Rediculus states: “After my Mama passed in 2013, I really sat down and refocused what it was that I was pursuing musically and what I wanted to leave for others to judge me by after I was gone. I had always embraced the 90’s aesthetic of Boom bap, but really wanted to put my own presentation of that forward, instead of trying to relive years past with my sound, so I started layering more original instrumentation over my samples, started writing more lyrics and getting way deeper into the creative process this time. There was a lot of talk about white people and gay people in Hip-Hop as this project was being created. Where we fit in, where we belong. This is my statement of defiance to dare anyone to challenge my position in this culture, and exactly where the title of this album comes from.”

The album itself features three tracks completely written by Rediculus — “Stay” and “Again,” and two RnB ballads; one featuring industry veteran Jay Hollins, and “Repercussions” which features the upcoming emcee, Jus Daze. Rounding out the collaborative effort is Rediculus’s long time lyrical partner Rich Malone, new comer Fresco, frequent collaborators J57 and Sene, East Coast spitters in Coast, CoalCash and C-Rayz Walz, Comet, Boston up-and-comer Token, and LA wordsmith Aarophat. Keep an eye out for Rediculus and his forthcoming ‘In Response: Dee-Fi’ LP, which is set to be accompanied by five videos and seven singles.

• Title: Kalahnikovs and Kush
• Featuring: Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso and Bekay
• Produced by: Rediculus
• Directed by: Bryce Snow
• Album: ‘In Resonse: Dee-Fi’

• Rediculus:
• Shabaam Sahdeeq:
• El Gant:
• Famoso:
• Bekay:

Rediculus – Kalahnikovs and Kush Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Grant, Famoso & Bekay (MP3 link)

Rediculus – Kalahnikovs and Kush Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Grant, Famoso & Bekay (Video)

Soloman Gehazi & Termite Feat. Stakka Lyrics & Hot Rox – Harsh But Fair #Review @Remnantmuzic @ParkStreetPR

Wolverhampton seems like a real hot bed for Hip-Hop talent and one emcee at the forefront of that is Soloman Gehazi. His new single features Cambridge Hip-Hop vet Stakkalyrics and fellow Wolves MC Hot Rox from the ever impressive Lost Alliance. Termite supplies the beat and what a killer slice of boombap it is too with all rappers going in hard with some brilliant wordplay. Make sure you get this people (while its free!)

Soloman Gehazi & Termite Feat. Stakka Lyrics & Hot Rox – Harsh But Fair (Video)

Soloman Gehazi & Termite Feat. Stakka Lyrics & Hot Rox – Harsh But Fair (MP3 Download)

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Words: Alex Dunlow

Notoriety – Outsiders #Single @NotorietyMusic @GainerzMovement @ParkStreetPR

[ARTWORK] Notoriety - Outsiders

“Outsiders” is the first single off of Notoriety’s upcoming mixtape, “The Ground Table”, and aims to touch home with those who feel lost, confused or are just unsure where they belong. Whether it be in one particular situation or an existential life question, feeling this way is not uncommon and Notoriety can relate.

Vydle Sinez and Incredible Chuck lace a smooth, yet dramatic, 5-minute flow over a beautiful Blended Babies-produced Jazz horn backdrop as Chuck comes in throughout with soulful singing to highlight the emotion being released, balancing the song out just right. Say goodbye to cliché lines, fads and lyrics and welcome something refreshing. On the inside, we all feel like outsiders.

Though it does not yet have a release date, “The Ground Table” is a compilation project which Notoriety created in order to bring all of their favorite Boston artists together. Each song, aside from “Outsiders”, will have at least one feature from a local, indie emcee and the production will also be provided by local producers. In an age where every individual is aiming to reign supreme, a unifying project such as this one is long overdue.

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Gambit Ace & Mikey Smith – Thank you #Video @MikeySmith121 @Gambit_Ace @ParkStreetPR

It’s not everyday that an artist turns around and is so polite to their fans. Well that’s kinda what has happened here, a track that simply says ‘Thank You’. A big thumbs up to the people that support them! Shows great humbleness which in turn results in a massive ‘likeability’ factor. The song is seriously great in its delivery, execution and general production.

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