Trademark Blud – Blud On The Brain #EPReview @TrademarkBlud @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR


Trademark Blud is a name I’ve seen circulating ever since his ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ mixtape with UK Runnings. Now signed to Platformz, a Chicago based label, this UK rapper goes in for his first release. This eight track EP is obviously an attempt to introduce an underground hero to a mass audience, and this latest solo effort has no guest appearances. It’s a lot more than a rapper just spitting bars and there are conceptually superb concepts that have the perfect beat from USA producer Rediculus who does every beat on this project. It’s very exciting to see emcees outside of London town making these moves because the outcome has been outstanding superb Hip-Hop realness for real heads. Make sure you cop this album from the links below.

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Words: Alex Dunlow

Soloman Gehazi – Street Gospel Vol. 2 @SolomanGehazi @Remnantmuzic @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR Review


Christian Rap, sometimes known as Christian hip-hop, is a real up-and-coming genre in the music industry and in the last year has become extremely popular in the USA. The whole idea of this genre is to spread the message of Christianity both spiritually and musically. That is something I feel Soloman Gehazi has done well and the fact he is British makes it all that more interesting. To be honest the Christian Rap that I have heard I haven’t been that impressed with, but as with any release I review I approach it with an open mind.

With features from guest appearances from D7, The Praying Mantis, DJ Amo, Tommy Oliver, Deonne, T33k1d, Jae Sosa, Wiggz, Big Ribzy, Young Weddaz , Alex Campbell, Corban, Radical and production from by Viggers, Nangfood, Termite, Mastaplanet, Soloman Gehazi has used the longest running mixtape series in UK Hip-Hop as a launch pad for this monster twenty five track release. Hosted by UK veteran Tricksta (Park Street PR, Beats & Bars, etc), the tape is not something I would expect to hear as part of the UK Runnings series but definitely isn’t of place in their catalogue.

This is authentic Hip-Hop music, this is Boom Bap and not every track goes on a deep religious tip, there’s a whole bunch of quality tracks that are uplifting and positive, conscious if not for a better word, so my immediate thoughts and pre-judgements got squashed as soon as I heard flows over Pete Rock and Apollo Brown production. The whole tape is ‘of a quality’ but there are some real gems on this mixtape. My only criticism is that maybe twenty-five tracks is a bit too long for a mixtape, especially is 2015. Don’t let that pit you off though, please grab it and get up on music that is a bit deeper than just drugs, women, violence and road talk. Impressed, very impressed.

Words: Alex Dunlow

UK Runnings Presents Alex-is ‘Relevant English Rhymes’ (Hosted by Tricksta) Mixtape Review @ALEX_iS_UK @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR

Quirky in parts, seriously adventurous in others, ‘Relevant English Rhymes’ is the new mixtape from Wolverhampton rapper Alex-is and has been released under the UK Runnings brand, a mixtape series that has previously done mixes with the likes of Braydz, Big Cakes, Tbear, Novar and more. Never envisioning himself as a pigeon-holed rapper, he has laid the foundation with this excellent collection. I found this release a constantly evolving entity, with songs that have a style that doesn’t waste too much time getting the point across. Conceptually diverse and solid throughout this is something all UK Hip-Hop heads need to check for. You can catch Alex-is performing at this year’s Boom Bap festival.

Alex-is ‘Relevant English Rhymes’ (Track-list):
01. Intro Feat. Tricksta
02. If I Died
03. Baby Girl (Produced by Bubbz)
04. Make Noise Feat. Big Dutty Deeze
05. Ohh La Feat. Nature The Kidd
06. Can You Hear Me? Feat. Westlee (Produced by Westlee)
07. History Feat. Donnie Numeric (Produced by Tricksta)
08. No I Don’t Feat. Ahkay
09. Piss You Off Feat. Jules (Produced by Bubbz)
10. Road To Ambition Feat. The Delegates Of Rhyme & Joe Bird (Produced by Vice)
11. Started Young Feat. 5n6 (Produced by 5n6)
12. Can You Even Relate? Feat. Trademark Blud
13. Took Nothing (Produced by Westlee)
14. On My Mind (Produced by DeadMan Walkn)
15. Stereotype (Produced by Bubbz)
16. Real Feat. Lost Alliance & Big Ribzy (Prod. by Lost Alliance)

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Alex Dunlow

BGenius ‘Point Of Arrival EP’ #Review #Audio #Video #LiveDates @bgeniushv @parkstreetpr


UK heads might want to read on as here is a new FREE download EP that is fully of Hip-Hop goodness. Now unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere Osama-style, you’re bound to have heard of the Beats & Bars nights that are going up and down the country, well not only is BGenius a rapper, producer & deejay but he is also the guy who put Beats & Bars Swindon on the map. So first off, fair play for doing his bit for the scene, and also for taking on so many different standpoints musically.

People are often slow on the uptake when it comes to UK Hip-Hop however things have been improving of late and this man here could be a man who makes a dent in your listening habits. His previous outings include a mixtape with UK Runnings as well as others, but his work here has levelled up to a new standard. What is striking about much of this EP, is how its simplistic construction is so addictive. The majority of the tracks are largely sparse arrangements; with little more than one drum break and a looped sample flitting in and out of the mix as BGenius rhymes.

Bgenius – Point Of Arrival #EP (Track-list):
01 – Intro Feat Tricksta
02 – Point Of Arrival
03 – Turn It Up
04 – Drink And Smoke
05 – Smash Something
06 – Circus Feat. Emmy
07 – Another Day
08 – Head Nod Shit Feat. Big Ribzy, Trademark Blud, Shakezpeare, Alex-Is & DJ Amo

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Upcoming Live Performances
June 11th Swindon-
June 12th Birmingham-
June 13th Chester-
June 14th Redditch-
June 28th Stretham, London-
August 14th Swindon-

Review by Alex Dunlow

Subverted Kapers – Born Inner Struggle (EP Review) @SubvertedKapers @ParkStreetPR


Subverted Kapers drop a quality four track EP entitled ‘Born Inner Struggle’. Birmingham City Hip-Hop that is uncut and raw, fans of real Boom Bap authentic golden era rap will adore. They manage to cook up the perfect mad scientist mixture of the best elements of the old and the new, in other words timeless UK Hip-Hop. The best way to describe this EP is probably ‘undiluted’. Its firm, but not hard, it’s musical but not madly leftfield and remains giving heat throughout. There is no need to fast forward or to skip tracks here, and the guest appearance from Mopreme Shakur is special too. Make sure you grab this if you love real Hip-Hop music. – currently followed by Chuck D of Public Enemy, MC Ren of NWA, Mopreme Shakur of Thug Life, The Outlawz, Bishop Lamont, Richie Rich and Sonny Seazer of Onyx.

1.Sprayin Bars 03:47
2.Made For Greatness Ft. Mopreme Shakur 03:36
3.Downfall 03:26
4.Born Inner Struggle 04:28

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Alex Dunlow

The Space Giantz – Light Years @thespacegiantz @Sci_Fi3 @seantoure @rosachimusic @IStillLoveHER

In a much competitive field, where artist like Flying Lotus and Oddisee are tearing down genre walls with their respective releases, comes the emergence of a great new talent hailing from the Maryland music scene named DJ Sci-fi and his group, The Space Giantz. DJ Sci-fi has released his debut instrumental single, Light Years under fellow Marylander Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’s Rosachi Music Group/BluMuze Productions. From 1st listen, DJ Sci-fi has a lot to say musically and does so in a refreshingly earnest way.

Light Years has been popping up all over the internet accompanied with a great animated video using footage from the classic 80’s cartoon called Battle of the Planets as it’s backdrop. Light Years’ is available on all online music outlets now. Be on the look out for the Space Giantz EP (The Difference of Man & Machine) on Tuesday, June 30th 2015.

About DJ Sci-fi
Jamal Terrell, better known by his stage name as “DJ Sci-fi”, is an experimental, multi-genre music
producer from Maryland. Terrell started out as a student of his cousin, the legendary Philadelphian Hip Hop icon DJ Cash Money. DJ Sci-fi has created a great buzz on college radio for his jazz-infused and boom bap-centric electronic compositions. The Space Giantz is a “virtual hip-hop group,” blending the musical talents of Jamal Terrell and executive/co-production from Baltimore Music Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’.

During the 90’s, Terrell began his career by sending listeners through a journey of experimental fused electronic music while spinning records and his instrumentals at various clubs in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Years later he came up with the idea of creating a group called Space Giantz. This lead to him creating his own label called Blumuze Productions and signing a deal with the label Rosachi Music Group. Rosachi (Pronounced Rah-za-ki) is an independent label owned by Baltimore, Maryland Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’ Thames. DJ Sci-fi’s new single, Light Years has been popping up all over college radio and internet accompanied with a great animated video using footage from the classic 80’s cartoon Battle of the Planets as its backdrop. Light Years’ is available on all online music outlets now. Terrell will be releasing a six-track EP (The Difference of Man & Machine) on Tuesday, June 30th 2015.

Artist: The Space Giantz (DJ Sci-Fi & Sean-Touré
Genre: Rap, Hip Hop
Location: Baltimore, MD
Video: “Light Years”:
Artwork: See Below
Twitter: @thespacegiantz @Sci_Fi3 @seantoure @rosachimusic @IStillLoveHER


Alex Dunlow

Pact Prolific – A Closer Look (Prod. by Lost Alliance) Album Review @Pact_Prolific @LostAlliance @ParkStreetPR


From the first track and title track you just know that this album is something for real hip-hop heads. Based in Wolverhampton City in the Midlands, Pact Prolific is one half of Lost Alliance who you may remember from their album ‘Life Cycle’ and mixtape ‘Dare 2 Win’. Their style is straight-up head-nodding boom bap with an ode to the golden era of rap, and this solo from Pact continues with that vision.

What I like about this emcee is how clear his delivery is. He also raps in his native local tongue unlike most UK rappers from outside the smoke who seem to adopt a London accent for some mad reason. I guess that comes down to realism, something else I adore about this album. It’s amazingly honest and very humble, but also it’s entertaining and isn’t just the same track over and over again like some albums. This is Hip-Hop from the heart and really is impressive.

The production throughout is top notch too, beats coming varied from the sample based ‘Be Forever’ which reminds me of Apollo Brown, and more live instrumentation with ‘Sorry’ which sounds like something Ghostface Killah would rap over. All the songs hit the mark and without a doubt it’s really got me hooked. Good albums that you can ‘play from start to finish without skipping a track’ are rare, but ‘A Closer Look’ is one of those long players. Well recommended, so make sure when it drops you grab your copy.

Review by Alex Dunlow