Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers feat Geechi Suede “Chi-Town Drumroll”


On some old sprayin’ shots like a drumroll….the second single off Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers’ second LP “No Vacation For Murder” flexes the index finger until it’s sore. Co-piloted by Geechi Suede of Camp Lo, “Chi-Town Drumroll” is the shimmering heist anthem for masked men peeling off with a devil may care attitude. Zilla and Geechi write lightning over a languid lavendar guitar flip from producer Blurry Drones. Days are getting long and the party’s going wild. “Chi-Town Drumroll” y’all — get down. Preorder the new Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers LP “No Vacation for Murder” dropping digitally Tues April 1, 2014 and physically with CD + Poster on Tues April 8, 2014 at threedollarpistol.com/album/no-vacat…n-for-murder-2. Artwork by @JusFCA1

Mic Lungz | JUDAH • ‘Bully Beatdown’ (Album)


Born in Washington D.C., Mic Lungz is a Hip-Hop artist who learned early about pain, struggle and sacrifice. Growing up during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, music had a big influence on his life. During his late teens he along with 4 of his childhood friends formed a rap group called Rugged Soulz. Performing at neighborhood parties/open mics, was where he realized there was nothing else he wanted to do with his life but be an MC.

The group eventually diminished to only two members, and he learned/mastered the art of song structure and recording. Always staying on his grind, Mic Lungz returns with his latest offering, ‘Bully Beatdown.’ ‘Bully Beatdown’ plays host to hard hitting aggressive drum kicks and heavy MMA references sets the tone for this UFC themed album. Produced entirely by D.C. mainstay JUDAH, the duo are reviving that one MC, one producer combination. The album also supports features from Tone Trump, Tabi Bonney, K-Beta and Visto to round out the diversity from track to track.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.audiomack.com/album/mic-lungz/bully-beatdown

01.) 2nd 2 None
02.) Bar 4 Bar
03.) Real Hip Hop (feat. Tone Trump)
04.) Beat Up The Beat
05.) Passion Fruit
06.) Take It Back (feat. K-Beta & RA)
07.) Years In The Making (feat. Tabi Bonney & Visto)
08.) Adrenaline Rush
09.) What Would You Do (feat. Shydi)
10.) Dedication

*Executive Produced by JUDAH
*Written & Performed by Mic Lungz
*Mixed & Mastered by Carlos Oyanedel / John Horesco

Alex Dunlow

Intuitive ‘Dear Dad’ (Review & Video) @Intuitive96 @ParkStreetPR

Here’s a little gem that has been sent to us that is well worth checking out from UK artist Intuitive. The track is a message to his father and its done in a real emotional way. A solid delivery, honesty and great wordplay from such a young artist. We predict big things in 2014 for Intuitive. The video for the song is below so make you click like, comment and subscribe!

Words: Alex Dunlow

‘I Intuitive’ EP: https://intui-tive.bandcamp.com/album/i-intuitive
TRU page: http://www.truerealurban.com/roster/intuitive/

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SayKriDD Daly ‘White Boy Wasted’ / ‘Believe’ #Videos @SayKriDD_Daly @ParkStreetPR

SayKriDD Daly Promo Pic (3)

SayKriDD Daly is an up and coming artist from Cardiff who need to get up on. Quality songs and quality videos this rapper has enough scope to make some seriously big big big tunes! Loving both tracks here, ‘White Boy Wasted’ being my favourite of the two songs. He has style & talent and makes damn good music!

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Download his debut mixtape ”Alcohol&HipHop” FREE:



Jimmie Black Feat. Danny B ‘Open Doors’ @Erfman_Beats @MrJimmieBlack @DannyBartist @ParkStreetPR

Jimmie Black & Danny B

Dope new release from Birmingham artists Jimmie Black & Danny B. Loving this track, very positive and some great lyrics. Get to know!

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DJ Diamond Presents Multiple Skillz – 10-13 #Mixtape #UKHH @DJDiamondgl1 @MultipleSkillz @ParkStreetPR

DJ DIAMOND presents MULTIPLE SKILLZ 10_13 (megamix)

Most mainstream UK Rap is on dubstep or dance beats and then most underground UK Rap is either trap as hell and chats about drugs, money, girls, street life and guns. As well as that you have UK Hip-Hop which can be boring as hell too with every other record sounding 20 years old or just talking about the government and the illuminati every 5 seconds. This is none of that, but instead something that takes influences from all of that, filters out the rubbish and is then re-delivered with passion and well chose beats by an emcee who speaks truth. As far as mixtapes go for the UK this really is on a next level.

DJ Diamond Presents Multiple Skillz – 10-13 (Track-list)

01. 10|13 Intro
02. DJ Diamond (Dubplate)
03. Doin’ Me
04. Gasoline
05. Not Rampin’
06. Feed Off The Punchline!
07. Olympic Freestyle
08. Rep
09. Yeaaaah!!!
10. Yuck (freestyle)
11. Harder
12. Weed Smoke
13. Unstoppable T.E.A.M
14. What She Said
15. Like We Made It
16. Fire Scope
17. Daily
18. Rap Therapy
19. Candy
20. No More
21. Epiphany Of Greatness
22. Rising Fast
23. It’s Easy Fam!
24. Golden Touch
25. Certified Gangster Love
26. Victim
27. DPZ 16
28. Wonder Why
29. Easy Fam (prt.2)Grime-Style
30. Lex Grime-Style
31. Get Em’ Boy (Freestyle)
32. Back Soon
33. Let It Go
34. Fatherless

Download link:


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Multiple Skillz & Reaper On Beatz ‘The Phoenix EP’


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Review: Alex Dunlow

M3 & Dirty of Nothink 2 Prove – The Mission (Mixtape) #FreeDownload


Here’s another good UK release from the Midlands that is well worth checking out. Clever rhymes and concepts executed well, N2P are about that life. Go cop this mixtape, you wont regret it.

M3 & Dirty of Nothink 2 Prove – The (Tracklist):

01 – Stay Focused
02 – Eat
03 – Calm Myself Down Feat. Miss She She (Prod. by Cipher Jewels)
04 – As I Sit An Gaze Feat. Lowkes of ABL
05 – Live & Learn Feat. Cipher Jewels of MD7 (Prod. by Cipher Jewels)
06 – How Long Will It Last Feat Von M
07 – The Mission
08 – Keep It Movin
09 – How Long Can I Keep It Up Feat. Dece Divine of N2P (Prod. by Cipher Jewels)
10 – Tell Us Why
11 – Wake Up Feat. Cipher Jewels of MD7 (Prod. by Cipher Jewels)
12 – Survival (Prod. by Dr. G)
13 – Watching Over You Feat. Angelic (Prod. by Adot R)

Download link:





Alex Dunlow

Ensite – I Wanna Be Free (Single Review)

Ensite Picture500

Despite the current trend of R’n’B artists turning to straight up dance infused tracks, or girls twerking and sticking their tongue out being classed as urban, there is actually some good music out there. These days it’s about the independent artists, they seem to cater more for the music lover, and that’s what Ensite do. A song with a string message and a video to compliment it this is a track I’ve been playing all week. The groove of the beat is great, got me instantly nodding my head and I also loved how the track was arranged, works really well. With lush vocal tones and quality production I really can’t to hear their debut album.

Also log on and log in to the MTV website to VOTE for Ensite for the 2014 Unsigned Act Award

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Alex Dunlow

LATE ‘Manifesting Rhymes’ (Produced by Juttla) #Review @OfficialLATE @Juttla @ParkStreetPR


Download the brand new single for FREE from these links;

As consistent as ever LATE drops this new single with producer Juttla, a beatmaker and producer/deejay/remixer who has worked with numerous people from Foreign Beggars to dance music legends like Marshall Jefferson, as well as being an artist in his own right and running the infamous Eastern Pressure Recordings.

LATE on the other hand shouldn’t really need an introduction but for those that don’t know he has featured on the same tracks as rappers such as UK legends like Skinnyman and Scorzayzee, as well as US legends such as Willie D, Slim Thug and K-Rino to name a handful. He really is a true underground legend in the global rap scene.

Together they go in with a new track and single that comes complete with a video from Triple Fear Films. I love the way the video keeps it true to the artform and even includes some great graffiti shots. The video has a stush look and is a visual that compliments the track.

The tune itself bangs from the off, and wasn’t really what I was expecting from LATE. It’s a 90bom-ish groove that works well with a sick sample and solid drums, something that fans of Boom Bap shouldn’t sleep on. Hip-Hop fans go and download this now; you know you need it on your iPod or Phone!

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Alex Dunlow

Brooklyn’s @INNOCENTFLOW13 fires back at @kendricklamar with his visually rousing response


While most people shrugged off Kendrick Lamar’s heard around the world “Control” verse as nothing but some boisterous claims of being the king of New York, others took the message a bit more personally. Such is the case with Innocent? and his response to the aforementioned rhymes supplied by the Good Kid M.A.A.D. City emcee. Where Innocent?, the boom-bap dedicated rhyme sayer’s comeback excels in is the well executed video shot by Donald Robinson Cole, which showcase some breath taking scenes of the Big Apple. The clever bars that reveal the Brooklyn rapper has no time for individuals that hate on NY also justifies his reasoning for calling out any and all accusations. It is with this in mind that Innocent? is truly guilty of repping NY to the fullest by and means necessary.

Alex Dunlow