L Waxo & Whodiniz – Mind State #Album @ElWaxo @Whodiniz @ParkStreetPR



This is the first release I’ve heard from this duo and it really is the perfect blend of moods all encompassed in one project. From the more upbeat tracks to the deepness on other tracks I just can’t fault this album. So many acts think they are capable of making more than just the one good song but often fail. It isn’t likely that you’d tire of this album quickly, there are real gems on this long-player.

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Words: Alex Dunlow

Rich Quick – The Everywhere Man (@Soulspazm Records) #Album #Review @RichMFNQuick @Ccelli @ParkStreetPR


Rich Quick is a New Jersey rapper now residing in Philly who recently visited the UK as part of a European Tour he did. Keeping it real to hip-hop traditions his style is more than battle rhymes and punch-lines, instead he draws on his worldwide influences for a long-player with a global feel. Whilst there were many similarities in his rhyme flow to a lot of leading US acts, there is a great deal of originality here and this is actually is a music album, and these are all songs. A great charismatic sense of humour draws you in but it’s his skill and delivery that really impress.

This album isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality, and in this day and age that is something that has to be admired. The album bangs from start to finish with no week tracks, and the fact he has enlisted the help of UK talent such as Trademark Blud, Big Ribzy and the legendary Lewis Parker shows he has an open-minded approach to the game. There’s some US acts on here too that smash their guest features, Miilkbone, Skrewtape, Jakk Frost, Archie Bang, Chris Rivers, Reef The Lost Cauze, Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples all go in hard.

With a European Tour under his belt and another in the works for 2016, Rich Quick really is a talent that could actually crossover into the mainstream, not because he makes pop music but because the music he makes is popular! For us this is one of the best Hip-Hop albums of the year. Rich Quick for president…

Rich Quick – The Everywhere Man #Album Pre-Order – Out 28th September

Words: Alex Dunlow

Rich Quick – The Everywhere Man #Album Tracklist:

01. The Everywhere Man (Prod. by Snowgoons)
02. Real Rugged Raw (Remix) Feat. Skrewtape & Miilkbone (Prod. by Divine Drummah)
03. Walk on Bye Feat. Jakk Frost & Chuck Treece (Prod. by Streece)
04. Get A Grip Feat. DJ Soulbuck (Prod. by DJ Soulbuck)
05. Breakfast Feat. Archie Bang & DJ J Hart (Prod. by J57)
06. Runnin’ (Prod. by Stress)
07. Poizon Feat. Ryshon Jones, Chris Rivers & Jay Griffy (Prod. by The Wurxs)
08. Son Come (Prod. by Stankfoot)
09. Ain’t Hard2Tell Feat. Dandyguel & Lewis Parker (Prod. by DJ J Hart)
10. Call Out King (Prod. by The Wurxs)
11. NJ2UK Feat. Trademark Blud, Big Ribzy & DJ J Hart (Prod. by Bunker Beats)
12. Travelin’ Man (Album Version) Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Rakaa Iriscience (Prod. by Streece)
13. On My Shoulderz (Prod. by Stankfoot)
14. No1 (Prod. by Stankfoot)

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New Mixtape: Jaeson Green – “A P.O.M.E.” + X (Music Video) @jaesongreen


Jaeson Green is a fascinating young artist coming straight out of Dallas, TX. Having been drawn to music at a young age, Jaeson’s knack for melodic hooks and seemingly effortlessly crafted verses are able to captivate the listener the moment the project starts. Green’s new body of work includes 10 new tracks that you can play from start to finish, with standout singles like “X,” which Jaeson has provided the official optics for along with the release of his new project A. P.O.M.E (A Piece of Me).

A. P.O.M.E (A Piece of Me) is available for purchase via iTunes.

Jaeson Green, born as James N. Williams, marked the world on September 14th, 1988 in Dallas, TX. Belonging to parents who participated in church as a pastor and missionary, Jaeson derived from a church influenced household. During his childhood he discovered his internal passion for music by singing in the youth choir and performing in various talent shows at Jimmy Tyler Brashear Elementary School. Growing up he had an inevitable love for Jazz, Blues, Gospel, and R&B.

At the tender age of twelve he was introduced to the genre that is Hip Hop. Dealing with a seemingly absent in-home father figure he turned to Scarface, Jay Z, and UGK for inspiration. Jaeson recorded his first mixtape, “Kinfolk”, during his sophomore year in high school captivating a supportive audience. He wrote of his experience maturing without a male role, the dynamic of his neighborhood, and the trials and tribulations of his peers.

Jaeson declares “I’ve always looked at music as one of the greatest forms of expression, especially after hearing Scarface’s The Diary. It made me want to tell a story. Not just mine, but a true life event that I either saw or experienced.” Overtime Jaeson grew success outside of music as a business owner.

He now dominates 4SELF Entertainment, 110% Management, and God Given Publishing. He is currently studying Recording Arts to solidify his goal of being able to engineer his own music. Living by his favorite bible verse ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ (Romans 8:31) he believes within his heart that nothing can stop him from becoming an iconic mogul.

Ricky Lix & Meezy – 28 Days #Album via @ParkStreetPR

UK Hip-Hop has gone through a mad change of late; it’s almost like the window of commercial relevance for that rugged and raw aesthetic Hip-Hop has changed. So here is Norwich duo that are more than capable of reminding us you should never to question what some of these underground rappers can bring to the table. Here is an album that hits the spot from the off and continues to impress throughout. This is something you can play and then play again, ’28 Days’ is a UK Rap album you need to download.

The video tracks ‘Alien Attack’ and ‘Rainbows (It’s OK)’ both impress, but the album also has so many other gems such as ‘A Nightmare’ and ‘Head To The Sky’. There’s a great honesty to this album and with banging production chopping up jazz, funk and soul this album has a real organic feel. The other thing about this album is there isn’t a bad track on it, and it’s easy on the ear although the concepts are straight to the point and diverse in nature.

It seems some MC’s have run out of things to say, or that they don’t really have that much love for the art of rap about anymore, well not Ricky Lix & Meezy, they’re real, and make damn good music. If you like Waka Flocka Flame or the latest grime kid on the block then this probably isn’t for you, if you’ve been brought up on that real Hip-Hop, then this is for you.

1.Intro (28 days)
2.The evening news
3.Alien attack
4.Rainbows (it’s ok)
5.The wrong path
6.On the yard Feat Mic-C
7.Fresh as a mofo Feat Streakz and LB
8.A nightmare
9.My money Feat Queen Addi and King St Blues
10.What the fuck am I gonna do
11.My ex’s
12.I ain’t the one
13.Head to the sky
14.Anti-social/Music lessons Feat Harry Ixer and Meez
15.Conversation with God
16.In shackles

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Ricky Lix & Meezy – Alien Attack

Ricky Lix & Meezy – Rainbows

Music Lessons – Cypher

Review by Alex Dunlow

Sean Dean – Dirty Bastard #Single #Review @seandeanartist @parkstreetpr

Here’s a great remix from London’s Sean Dean that I feel you should take note of. Its a rework of Gigg’s Show N Prove produced banger that dropped in May and what a corker it is too. With great mic presence and plenty to say Sean Dean is an artist to watch out for. Really impressed with the levels here.

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Alex Dunlow

Jamian Who ‘A​-​Diction EP’ @Jamian_Who @TWSJamianWho @TheBarStaff @ParkStreetPR

The ‘A-Diction EP’ is a new EP release from a talented artist from London now residing in Portsmouth. There must be something in the sea air down there because this is a corking collection if ever I heard one.

From the off you get the instant vibe that this is something refreshingly new and vibrant, all bases covered from boom-bap style Hip-Hop to more current trap-tinged bangers, all angles and styles are incorporated into this EP’s sound. This is the solo debut from The Bar Staff member and is a release he should be very proud of.

Tracks such as ‘Another Day’ and ‘When The High Is Gone’ show great creative and adventurous conceptual ideas.

Jamian Who Feat Marley Blandford – I See Ya #Video

Jamian Who – Fuck You Jai (Blooper Reel!) #Video

Jamian Who ‘A​-​Diction EP’ (Track-list):
1 – A-Diction Feat. Mollie Scott (Produced by Parv)
2 – F#ck You Jai (Produced by Anno Domini)
3 – No Slowin’ Down (Produced by The Arca Teck)
4 – See Me Fly (Produced by Parv)
5 – Another Day Feat. Coral (Produced by Parv)
6 – Fuck A Hook Vol.1 (Produced by Parv)
7 – I See Ya’ Feat. Marley Blandford (Produced by BluntedBeatz)
8 – When The High Is Gone Feat. Marley Blandford (Produced by Parv)
9 – 11:11 (Produced by Parv)


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Alex Dunlow

Trademark Blud – Blud On The Brain #EPReview @TrademarkBlud @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR


Trademark Blud is a name I’ve seen circulating ever since his ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ mixtape with UK Runnings. Now signed to Platformz, a Chicago based label, this UK rapper goes in for his first release. This eight track EP is obviously an attempt to introduce an underground hero to a mass audience, and this latest solo effort has no guest appearances. It’s a lot more than a rapper just spitting bars and there are conceptually superb concepts that have the perfect beat from USA producer Rediculus who does every beat on this project. It’s very exciting to see emcees outside of London town making these moves because the outcome has been outstanding superb Hip-Hop realness for real heads. Make sure you cop this album from the links below.

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Words: Alex Dunlow