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Big Ribzy is back with a new single and video in “No Games”. This is the 2nd single off of his Platformz Records debut of the same name.

With visuals from Snakeyez TV Ribzy shows us that life in Wolverhampton can be just as dangerous as any other place where life is scattered with bad influences and tough choices. Letting off his bars over the aggressive banger from Rediculus, Ribzy tells you with no uncertainty “Know who you’re fucking with, check the CV”.

With appearances from label mates Trademark Blud and Tricksta, Ribzy is playing No Games as he moves through the underground on his way to breaking through.

Big Ribzy – No Games (Prod by Rediculus) #EP

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Damor – Which Way @foreverdamor

Daniel Damor is a recording artist from South Florida releasing his second studio album, Treble In Paradise. After releasing his first studio album, I’m Sorry 4 the Delay, he decided to do something more than JUST releasing his album online with a few singles in hopes of gaining recognition. This time around, he’s releasing more than just music, but music videos. What makes Damor even more of a creative artist is, he’s releasing his album in the form of an episodic visual album. That means you’ll not only be receiving new music from Damor, but also a video for every song.

>> About Treble In Paradise:
>> Treble In Paradise takes you on a journey with an aspiring artist who has the talent and drive to make it big, but is stifled by lack of support and the stumbling blocks we like to call “real life.”

Treble In Paradise (Youtube Episodic Visual Album | Released September 15th)
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Julio The Poet – C&WD Rosa Parks Freestyle #AllMyProfitsBlack @JulioThePoet

Charlotte, NC’s Julio The Poet linked up with Menswear Fashion Blog Cool&Well-Dressed to release a freestyle over Outkast’s Rosa Parks. The Blackprofit rep takes a quick lyrical exercise over the OutKast production. Be on the lookout for Julio’s upcoming solo project “Calm Before The Storm” and another project with his fellow Blackprofit, Josh.