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Tricksta and his UK Runnings mixtape series have really changed gear this year and in addition to hosting various UK rappers mixtapes and starting the weekly mixtape series #EstateLife, they are now re-launching Homegrown Heroes, an artist based mixtape series that will showcase various talent from the UK Hip-Hop scene.

Kicking off this new wave of mixtape releases comes a superb mixtape of killer tracks and rarities from South London native Airklipz. This versatile rapper has a unique style that is based on constant experimentation as he chooses to pen songs about actual events which happen around him. Airklipz is a true definition of UK Reality Rap with an impressive work rate, releasing over ten mixtapes in the last five years.

‘Unpolished Gem’s is a sixteen track mixtape hosted & mixed by Tricksta that features guest appearances with Legz Diamond, Eyez Kold, Milan, Bill Riddem, Coleone, Yemi Bolatiwa and Yo’hyness, as well as original production from Jammy Git, Sleepy Time Ghost, Redirob and Milan. This mixtape is a must for any fan of Airklipz, as well as being the perfect introduction to him if you’ve been sleeping!

Homegrown Heroes Presents Airklipz ‘Unpolished Gems’

01 – Intro Feat. Tricksta
02 – Caveman Shit Feat. Legz Diamond (Prod. by Jammy Git)
03 – Bury The Hatchet Feat. Eyez Kold (Prod. by Sleepy Time Ghost & Jammy Git)
04 – HMP Paper (Prod. by Redirob)
05 – More Milli
06 – Ricin Feat. Milan (Prod. by Milan)
07 – Let Us Live (Prod. by Redirob)
08 – All Mine
09 – The Holy (London) Feat. Bill Riddem (Prod. by Jammy Git)
10 – Cracks Another Beer Feat. Coleone (Prod. by Jammy Git)
11 – Summer (Reminisce) Feat. Yemi Bolatiwa (Prod. by Sleepy Time Ghost)
12 – Blue Lights
13 – All For Da Cheese (Prod. by Redirob)
14 – Dreams, Nightmares Feat. Coleone (Prod. by Jammy Git)
15 – My 1ST Tune Feat. Yo’hyness (Prod. by Jammygit)
16 – Outro Feat. Tricksta

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Compiled, hosted, mixed & mastered by Tricksta

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