Yaeo – Flip Life TV Freestyle #WeOutHere – FLTV @Yaeo @FlipLifeTV @ParkStreetPR

F.L.I.P member Yaeo is gearing up for the release of his brand new single and to keep us going he has just dropped this brand new freestyle for Flip Life TV. Here we see Yaeo freestyle over a track that originally features Wordsmiff and is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Against Tha World’.

Yaeo had a nomadic upbringing between Kent, South, East & North London. He was a member of the most infamous graffiti crews in Europe with his work is still able to be seen on track-sides across London today. After being a regular part of legendary Hip Hop nights such as Kung-Fu his first release to hit the streets was the heart felt and groundbreaking ‘Tha Last Of Tha Mohawks EP’, which featured Skin of Skunk Anansie and Farma G of Task Force. This ep was featured in various magazines, one of which being Hip Hop Connection where he was referred to as the Jonny Cash of UK rap because of Yaeo’s unique sound and emotional honesty.

After getting himself out of a record deal and with his foot-in-the-door Yaeo released ‘Call Tha Police’, a track accompanied by a video shot all over Brixton, the first ever UK rap video to be featured on WorldStarHipHop, and a track entitled ‘Stop Me Now’ which BBC Radio 1‘s Zane Low opened his show with and was played for continue weeks on 1Xtra, KissFM and various Pirate Stations.

After a drawn out court case Yaeo started his globally renowned movement ‘TheLondonWave’ and released his debut MixTape ‘Brandy Dreams’ which was introduced by French Montana and features tracks with Cerose, Max B, Bigga Threat, Wordsmiff and more.

Now a official Wave Gang & London CokeBoy member he has a single ‘#FREEBIGGAVELLI’ which features a hook from Harlem’s notorious Max B recorded live from jail. This fittingly entitled anthem encapsulates the Free Max B campaign which has everyone from Drake to Jay-Z adding their take to it. This single is taken from Yaeo’s forthcoming project, ‘Against Tha World’. Look out for this guy he’s one of a kind….

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Lucchi Supremeson – Fiber @Supremeson @LinkUpTV @ParkStreetPR


Born in Chiswick in West London, Lucchi Supremeson is a rapper and producer that spent his childhood days in South London listening to Hip-Hop. His passion for the music stemmed from a strong family background and the age of twelve he began his music craft. Two years later and he was hitting his local Youth Club learning how to produce being encouraged by individuals Mike, M.E, TE1, M9 and Iron Braydz. His uncle also inspired him to make music as he had formed acts including the duo ‘Ty Chi’, a multi talented group of UK rappers known as ‘Anarchy’ as well as the talented ‘US2UK’.

Lucchi Supremeson is now known for his authentic Hip-Hop style and Boom Bap beats as well as being known as a real, outspoken lyrical emcee. His music is not heavily political but does question society and definitely entertains. Today he released his brand new video for his new track ‘Fiber’ produced by Propa on leading UK media channel Link Up TV. Lucchi has performance experience studying Performing Arts & Music Diplomas at Hammersmith and West Thames College. He has performed across many open mic events across London and next Wednesday is supporting Wu Tang & Wisemen rapper Bronze Nazareth at The White Lion in Streatham.

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JD – The Transformation @JustifiedMusik @ParkStreetPR

JD - The Transformation - cover zJD - The Transformation - 2

‘Good songs with real meanings’ Urban-Heaven.com
‘A UK rapper to watch out for in 2015′ TheHipHopMafia.com
‘Real quality music so make you cop this’ TrickstasWorld.com
‘Creatively adventurous and musically inspiring’ HipHopSavedUs.com
‘Maintains authentic Hip-Hop tradition throughout’ HipHop-4-Days.com

Straight out of the East Midlands, Derby to be exact enters this talented rhymer going by the name of JD. A well rounded talented emcee, JD has been on the grind of last with his new album release ‘The Transformation’. This collection of seventeen tracks is something that all fans of quality conscious rap will adore. Featuring UK heavyweight Genesis Elijah as well as Derby legend Alex Blood, this long player also features Sticman from Dead Prez, the group that this genre the classic ‘Hip-Hop’ track. With tight solid production from the likes of DSJ Beats, Alex Blood, Defkon1 and Phase 2, this album is already a string of positive reviews from some of the UK’s leading blogs and DJ’s. With live dates in Birmingham and Derby planned already for September make sure you remember the name. JD has arrived. It’s what the games been missing.

Read more in this exclsuive interview with TheHipHopMafia.com

JD – Dreamworld Ft. Genesis Elijah & Sarai Jazz (Prod. by Phase 2) #Video

JD – Alice Ft. Li Laurent (Prod. by Jam Jam) #Video

JD – The Transformation (Track-list):
01. The Transformation (Intro) ft. Lil Kingsley (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
02. Warrior ft. Sticman (Deadprez), TruestPain & Self Taught (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
03. Just Rise ft. Sarai Jazz (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
04. Alice ft. Li Laurent (Prod. by Jam Jam)
05. Not Alone (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
06. Knockin’ At My Door ft. Karnage & Self Taught (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
07. Evil Eyes ft. Alex Blood & ..Pr@xis?.. (Blood & Jones Reunion) (Prod. by Alex Blood)
08. Thief in the night ft. Staxxy, Mystic & Sarai Jazz (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
09. Keep Grindin’ ft. Smuttz, Tuska & Dwaine Hayden (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
10. Reflection ft. SB (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
11. Feel High ft. Defkon1 (Prod. by Defkon1)
12. Love is the future ft. Sarai Jazz (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
13. .
14. Sell Outs (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
15. Manipulate ft. Karnage, Cizz & Li Laurent (Prod. by DSJ Beats)
16. Dreamworld ft. Genesis Elijah & Sarai Jazz (Prod. by Phase 2)
17. Awoken ft. Sarai Jazz & Lil kingsley (Prod. by DSJ Beats)

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Big Ribzy – No Games #EP (Prod. by @Rediculus) @BigRibzy @PlatformzMusic @DBlok78 @ParkStreetPR

UK Rapper Big Ribzy debuts new EP on leading US Blog TheHipHopHead.net

UK Rapper Big Ribzy is back with a brand new EP for Chicago based record label Platformz Music. This talented wordsmith has been working hard the last few years carving a name in the underground scene. Recently he dropped his debut single ‘Cape Town’ from the EP which was well received by bloggers and DJ’s on an international level. Produced by Rediculus. who has worked with the likes of Shabaam Sahdeeq, Ruste Juxx, Chubb Rock, Brownbag Allstars, Sadat X and many more, ‘No Games’ is a nine track EP that all discerning fans of Hip-Hop music will adore. This is raw and rugged Street Hop that bangs from the off!

Big Ribzy is making noise and has recently been playing live up and down the UK sharing stages with the likes of Skinnyman, Wordsmiff, Phili N Dotz, Genesis Elijah, Malik MD7 and many more, as well as playing at this year’s Boom Bap Festival, where Your Old Droog, Earl Sweatshirt & Jeru The Damaja headlined. With a string of solid releases such as his UK Runnings mixtape ‘King Size Blues’ hosted by Tricksta and an underground album ‘Blunts & Insecurities’ produced by Lost Alliance under his belt these releases have solidified Big Ribzy in the UK. Now with this brand new EP already getting support from tastemakers & DJ’s, the future looks bright for this Wolverhampton talent.

Big Ribzy – No Games #EP (Track-list):
01 – Iceberg Slim
02 – We On One
03 – Simmer
04 – Make Ends Meet
05 – Capetown
06 – I’m Alright Though
07 – Kamikaze
08 – Comfortable
09 – No Games

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Simplicity Exclusive Interview @punchfunklove90 @parkstreetpr


Hi how you doing? Introduce yourself to the readers of TalkingAllThatRap.com.

Hey Guys I’m Paul AKA Simplicity – I hale from the east coast and live in the UK, I don’t want to be famous, I want to work.

So tell us about your latest release and where people can get it.

All our latest Releases come out on iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play etc. I have 9 albums out, 8 are public and one is by request. So in all I love to work. Make music every day. just search, iTunes or Amazon, simplicity addicted to rap or nerd association.

This is a tough question, and I know some people like to remain humble, but if you had to give a reason why you think people should check your music, what would you say?

Because I Know someone out there is feeling the way I feel, whether it be nerdy political fun annoying jokey, whatever my albums come across as, I know someone is feeling the same.

Out of all the songs you have released or been involved with, which song would you say was the popular? What is your number one track?

It actually made it to number 138 in unsigned chart on iTunes, called a song, I am, it was my burn to mr dexy for kind of screwing me over and I wanted a war, haha

In the whole process involved in making music which due you think is the most exciting?

Making the instrumental… that’s where my heart is. I make all my Instrumentals live as in Keys Rhodes Piano Bass drums and Guitar, because my dream is to have a live band behind me.

When your recording what is the vibe like in your studio, do you have mood that helps you create?

I shut my brain off and let my pen and mouth do the work haha, no homo, I meant rapping, the mood is not important to me really. I like to record at peak emotionality and write in pure silence.

How do you like your production, do you prefer original played beats or more sampled based production?
Played and sampled both, because they both usually come from live played anyways, sampling is just pure fun if you have an MPC… I DO HAHAHA

What producers do you work with and are there any producers you’d like to work with?
Poisonous Poets producer also Immortal techs guy, Ice tea, Dr Dre, Steve Rizzo from stables sound studio in Rhode Island a lot really hhaha

The Hip-Hop scene is really spilt between the mainstream and underground, do you think this makes it harder to get noticed by so many different types of rap fans?

Yes it does, mainstream has literally rolled off the back of what the last guy has made, and underground is trying to be so different from one another, so really individuality and originality lie in the underground, but mad downloads and car bumps and what not clubs and ish, is all mainstream. haha
I don’t knock it but I don’t rate it.

A lot of artists have some sort of free download project. Do you think doing these kind of releases helps or hinders sales on iTunes?

Yes, it took us a while to gain the contracts we needed but it’s always said. Hard work pays off. Hopefully hahah

midnight music

Image seems everything these days, so let’s talk about your artwork. Do you come up with concept or does your designer do it? Tell us more about who done the cover to your latest release.

No concept, usually album title concept. So whatever I feel really.

Even though You Tube is on-line TV Station, it seems to also be the place where most people go to listen to music. Do you think putting songs up with an artwork image or photo is detrimental to your full music videos?

Not everything. Only teasers and tasters. We have as a label about 110 songs out but only 7 on YouTube. Mostly performances go on YouTube, and also my beat tape mix.

Do you have anything on You Tube or you own Channel?

Yup. Just search Midnight Music.

Have you ever done anything for any DVD or on-line TV channels? Any freestyles or interviews on-line to check out that are recent?

Nope. Not till now,

Okay before you go is there anybody you’d like to thank or anybody you’d like to shout out?

EVeryine in Hip Hop, From Clash money Battles, Park Street PR and shouts to all the people i know, you know who you are I love all of ya!! Big shouts go to my mom and dad for being so supportive, and a massive love shouts go to my beautiful wife Angel. I love you babe!!

Thanks for your time, give us all the relevant website details to check out!


Questions by Alex Dunlow

Jamian Who ‘A​-​Diction EP’ @Jamian_Who @TWSJamianWho @TheBarStaff @ParkStreetPR

The ‘A-Diction EP’ is a new EP release from a talented artist from London now residing in Portsmouth. There must be something in the sea air down there because this is a corking collection if ever I heard one.

From the off you get the instant vibe that this is something refreshingly new and vibrant, all bases covered from boom-bap style Hip-Hop to more current trap-tinged bangers, all angles and styles are incorporated into this EP’s sound. This is the solo debut from The Bar Staff member and is a release he should be very proud of.

Tracks such as ‘Another Day’ and ‘When The High Is Gone’ show great creative and adventurous conceptual ideas.

Jamian Who Feat Marley Blandford – I See Ya #Video

Jamian Who – Fuck You Jai (Blooper Reel!) #Video

Jamian Who ‘A​-​Diction EP’ (Track-list):
1 – A-Diction Feat. Mollie Scott (Produced by Parv)
2 – F#ck You Jai (Produced by Anno Domini)
3 – No Slowin’ Down (Produced by The Arca Teck)
4 – See Me Fly (Produced by Parv)
5 – Another Day Feat. Coral (Produced by Parv)
6 – Fuck A Hook Vol.1 (Produced by Parv)
7 – I See Ya’ Feat. Marley Blandford (Produced by BluntedBeatz)
8 – When The High Is Gone Feat. Marley Blandford (Produced by Parv)
9 – 11:11 (Produced by Parv)


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Trademark Blud – Blud On The Brain #EPReview @TrademarkBlud @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR


Trademark Blud is a name I’ve seen circulating ever since his ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ mixtape with UK Runnings. Now signed to Platformz, a Chicago based label, this UK rapper goes in for his first release. This eight track EP is obviously an attempt to introduce an underground hero to a mass audience, and this latest solo effort has no guest appearances. It’s a lot more than a rapper just spitting bars and there are conceptually superb concepts that have the perfect beat from USA producer Rediculus who does every beat on this project. It’s very exciting to see emcees outside of London town making these moves because the outcome has been outstanding superb Hip-Hop realness for real heads. Make sure you cop this album from the links below.

Download link:

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Words: Alex Dunlow