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Trademark Blud is a name I’ve seen circulating ever since his ‘Tricks Of The Trade’ mixtape with UK Runnings. Now signed to Platformz, a Chicago based label, this UK rapper goes in for his first release. This eight track EP is obviously an attempt to introduce an underground hero to a mass audience, and this latest solo effort has no guest appearances. It’s a lot more than a rapper just spitting bars and there are conceptually superb concepts that have the perfect beat from USA producer Rediculus who does every beat on this project. It’s very exciting to see emcees outside of London town making these moves because the outcome has been outstanding superb Hip-Hop realness for real heads. Make sure you cop this album from the links below.

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Words: Alex Dunlow

Thought Foundry – Ready For This @Rediculus @DaFlik @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR


Thought Foundry is the newest offering from Platformz Records, the label founded by producer and tech CEO Rediculus. The label is associated with his mobile music app Platformz, which allows users to stream music from multiple streaming sites in one app.

The project titled “Ready For This” is four strong songs covering what lyricist Konflik sees as “things that motivate me to do better”. Questioning everything from the influence of religion on his life and the lives of those around him to ways to enjoy partying, this EP takes us on a musical journey of how Konflik and Rediculus see the world at large and the ways they cope with its effects on them.

From the opening drum licks of “Good Times” to the deep brooding guitars and organs on “Silver”, Rediculus provides the perfect backdrop for Konflik to lace his smooth flow over and ‘Flik doesn’t disappoint as he matches it with thought provoking lyrics and memorable hooks.

Thought Foundry – Wishful Thinking #Video

Thought Foundry – Ready For This #EP (Track-list):
01. Good Times
02. Chillwitchu
03. Silver
04. Wishful Thinking

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Subverted Kapers – Born Inner Struggle #EP #UKHH @SubvertedKapers @ParkStreetPR


‘Quality over quantity’
‘Full of bangers and quality rhymes’
‘Something that shouldn’t be ignored’
‘Various styles executed with great talent’
‘Grab this if you love real Hip-Hop music’

Subverted Kapers – Born Inner Struggle (Track-list):
01 – Sprayin Bars
02 – Made For Greatness Ft. Mopreme Shakur
03 – Downfall
04 – Born Inner Struggle

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Lil Fame of M.O.P.: Rapping Can Feel Like Work at Times

Lil Fame and Billy Danze of M.O.P. sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, after the duo performed at The California Brew Haus in Rochester, NY. Fame spoke with VladTV correspondent Michelle Visa about his DJing skills. He revealed that he’s always found DJing to be something that he can just have fun with, as opposed to rapping, which can sometimes seem like work.

The legendary rap duo also spoke about new projects, including an album called Icons, which Billy said wouldn’t be a proper album unless Lil Fame produced some tracks. When asked about features, both Billy and Fame said they aren’t into chasing down other artists, but added that they’re into organically collaborating with others who are already in the studio with them.

Check out more of what M.O.P. had to say above.

Wrigz – Project X #Mixtape #Videos @wrigzc4ent @parkstreetpr


New mixtape release from Wrigz available for FREE from

“I decided I was done with allowing the industry to construct my goals and potentially define who I am. I wanted to get back in touch with every aspect of what I want and who I actually am, whilst respecting the need to express through my art. I thought back to the beginning; what were my aims? what were my aspirations? where did my values lie? when did the understanding of respect, love, pride and dignity become over shadowed with concepts of money, views, fame, attention and status?

I decided it was time to X out the bullshit! It’s like possessing an identity given to me by a slave master, with that said I was able to revert back to the essence and find my true identity within music and at that point I realised…this is rebel music ~ It’s time to Rebel!” PROJECT X

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Videos from @TitanTVUK @intuitive96 @LinkzArtist @JinkaBeval @Infamosmslsly1 @ParkStreetPR

Intuitive – Homegrown [S1 EP18] @Intuitive96 : TITAN TV
Upcoming shropshire rapper Intuitive drops his Homegrown for Titan TV with his unique style and flows that have seen this young rapper excel within the scene over the past year gaining respect from a lot of major heads within the industry. This is definitely an episode not to be missed.
Social Links:
Twitter: @Intuitive96

LinkzXI – Think You Bout It [Music Video] : TITAN TV
18 year old suffolk rapper LinkzXI drops his music video for his track entitled “Think You Bout It” on Titan TV. This guy is definitely one to watch out for this year, with a great delivery technique and a great ability to capture an audiences attention this guy will be going far.
Social Links:
Twitter: @LinkzArtist

Jinx & MSL – More Than Rap [Music Video] : TITAN TV
London rappers Jinx and MSL team up to bring this straight banger. A catchy hook that will have you singing along, great flows and delivery what more could you want from a track? Having had some great feedback over the past week this track is one to check out!
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Twitter: @JinkaBeval @Infamosmslsly1