Blabz – One Side To Every Story (Noble Throne Media) @Blabz1 @ParkStreetPR

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Twenty-six year old Derby born emcee Blabz first stepped out on the UK scene known for freestyling in various ciphers, studio’s or anywhere that he could be heard. Formerly known as Blabba T or The Blabba Tongue, Blabz was inspired by the likes of Pharaoh Monch, Big Pun, Wu-Tang and Eminem, amongst others before picking up an album by Jehst around six years ago and becoming more aware of the wave of talent happening on these shores. In recent years Blabz has been inspired by more political, lyrical and self aware rap music with Triple Darkness, High Focus, Revorg Records, Eat Good Records, Caxton Press, Shotty Horroh & Lunar C all personal favourites of his.

Now in July 2014, Blabz drops his debut project “One Side To Every Story”, a twelve track release that is more than worthy of your attention. This is music from the heart and soul, this is sincere, honest and real, this is his life in audio form. The project goes deep into the realms of life, but is consistent and diverse enough to keep you entertained and as well as edutained! This is UK Hip-Hop with a bite to it, no fillers, just killers we get such a great selection of music. This release is already being championed by some of the UK’s most followed Hip-Hop blogs as well as receiving underground radio support and mixtape placements. With a string of live shows planned, as well as music videos, its all go for Blabz. Be part of the journey by showing your support.

‘Comfortably pushes well beyond Hip-Hop’s limited horizons’
‘Blabba hits hard with superb microphone presence, really impressive’
‘Quick-fire cadence & compellingly brutal tales of inner city depravity’

Blabz – One Side To Every Story (Track-list):

01 – View Your Back On Occasion
02 – God Slang Flex Feat. Necrosix
03 – Dream Chilla
04 – Sideways Moving Dickheads Feat. Agent K
05 – Tax For Your Qualms 02:09
06 – White Faces
07 – Chaos At The Corner
08 – Couldn’t Change Me
09 – One Side Story
10 – Graff After Dark Feat. Illa Straits (Prod. Runone & Ogre)
11 – Murky Feat. Illa Straits
12 – Scientific

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Blabz ‘One Side To Every Story’ (Noble Throne Media) #Review @Blabz1 @ParkStreetPR

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Blabz, a young Derby MC, first gained prominence under the name of Blabba T. Now he drops his new release which features some quick-fire cadence and compellingly brutal tales of inner city depravity. Listening to the 26-year-old’s debut, it is clear that something special is bubbling here. His delivery on every song is thought out well, using tones of the style of the rhyme scheme to create some great music. Blabz doesn’t alter his lyrics to suit this musical palette, instead he sticks to his guns dropping science on various tracks. Too many UK rappers go in over emo pianos and sappy strings suggesting that they’re yet to grow out of their Eminem obsession, but that’s not the case here. This whole project has a smack-you-in-face vibe to it, which I adore. Blabz isnt kindly whispering ‘check me out’, instead he is looking to blow the doors off.

Alex Dunlow

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Papa Keith Presents Timeless Music 4 #Mixtape @Papa_Keith @shifta_timeless


Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes announce the release of the“Timeless Music 4” Mixtape hosted by Papa Keith and Shifta Timeless. The 55 track project is currently available for download. The mixtape features appearances from Rick Ross, SchoolBoy Q, Vybz Kartel, Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Nicki Minaj, Future, Meek Mill and many more. “Timeless Music 4” is produced by DJ Bulletproof, Onkore Sound and DJ Epps. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Papa Keith began his career working in hip-hop and reggae clubs. After building himself a name, he was offered a position on Miami’s notorious Mixx 96 radio station.

With the help of his radio show ”Daddy’s Home” from 2-6pm daily, Papa Keith uses his infectious personality and extensive experience to relate to a wide variety of listeners. He is immensely proud of his Caribbean heritage and incorporates this not only in his show, but also in this new mixtape. Papa Keith is known for his dedication and outstanding talent as a radio personality and in commercial voice-overs. As the Miami New Times has said, “Papa Keith is the man who takes you home smoothly and safely, easing the stress of the day with hip-hop and humor.” Shifta was born in Jamaica and migrated to Miami to continue his musical career.

His father, Daddy Fras, aka Piper of Piper Record, was a major influence in getting Shifta involved in hip-hop at a very young age. With his magnetic personality and unique style, Shifta grasps the attention of viewers both online and internationally. Growing up, he was majorly influenced by the dancehall/reggae music that is prevalent in JA. Shifta brings that caribbean/reggae twist to his songs on this mixtape, adding a relaxing island vibe. Shifta has already performed in many concerts and television programs worldwide, expanding his fan base well into the thousands. “Timeless Music 4” is a collaboration of reggae, rap, hip-hop, and R&B with flawless transition between every song. Papa Keith and Shifta include many famous artists in their latest mixtape, sure to entertain the existing fans and also coerce others.

Full of radio favorites and underground secrets this mixtape is everything you need for a road trip, club, or just chillin’ at home. Keep up with both Papa Keith and Shifta on their twitters at @Papa_Keith and at @shifta_timeless.

#EstateLife – Volume 013 #Mixtape @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR

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Volume 13 features LATE, Karl Hinds, Trademark Blud & DJ Buzzword, Reckless, Genesis Elijah, Big Dutty Deeze, Tommy DMO, Manage, Stakka Lyrics, Blabz, Shakezpeare, Big Ribzy, Tabanacle, Nature The Kidd, Krazy, K.O.T.T, Dox, Ricko, TBear, Loudmouth, Rukus, Ti2bs, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Conspicuous, Shameless, Jae Sosa, Airklipz, Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace.

UK Runnings #EstateLife – Volume 013 (Track-list):

01 – LATE – Its Official
02 – Karl Hinds – Checklist
03 – Trademark Blud & DJ Buzzword – Bounce
04 – Reckless Feat. Genesis Elijah – Stronger
05 – Big Dutty Deeze Feat. Tommy DMO- I Grew Up
06 – Manage – Typecast
07 – Stakka Lyrics – Cant Move Like Sclass
08 – Blabz – One Side Story
09 – Shakezpeare – Streets Keep Calling
10 – Big Ribzy – Crime Pays
11 – Tabanacle – Adrenalin
12 – Nature The Kidd Feat. Krazy – Feeling Myself
13 – K.O.T.T Feat. Dox – Dread Eye
14 – Ricko – Clouds (VcLS Remix)
15 – TBear Feat. Loudmouth, Rukus, Ti2bs, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Conspicuous & Shameless – Im On
16 – Jae Sosa – If I Had 2k14
17 – Airklipz – Feelings
18 – Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace – Took A Chance

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Compiled, mixed & mastered by Tricksta

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Bad Nuze – The Liez And Rumorz LP #Mixtape Review


West Coast heavy hitter Bad Nuze releases his highly anticipated LP, “The Liez & Rumorz”. Bad Nuze has stated that this project will definitely solidify him as the next big thing coming out of the west. Featured collaborations with Rapper Big Pooh, Bobby Capri, Gerald Walker, Andre Writer and Yung Nate. Production done by Elusive Orchestra, LA. Ment and Top Flight Productionz.

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Words: Alex Dunlow

Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace – FTLOM Vol.1 (Mixtape OUT NOW!!!) @MikeySmith121 @Gambit_Ace @ParkStreetPR


We reviewed this a few days ago but just wanted to show you the videos! MAKE SURE YOU GRAB THIS!!!

‘A banging mixtape, killing the urban music market’

‘Such a sincere and humble release’
‘Sometimes music is so real it hits you hard’
‘Go cop this; you definitely need it for the summer’
‘Straight forward, lyrically orientated hip-hop’
‘FTLOM Vol.1 is a solid collection of urban anthems’
‘Middle-of-the-road enough to have the broadest of appeals’

Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace – FTLOM Vol.1 – Download/Stream Link:


Mikey Smith
Instagram – MikeySmithFTLOM

Gambit Ace

Skeezo & Rediculus – Stuck in Da ‘90s Remix Project @TheRealSkeezo @Rediculus @DJBooth @ParkStreetPR

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East Coast rhymesayer Skeezo and producer Rediculus have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their new joint street release, the Stuck in Da ’90s Remix Project. The project finds Rediculus remixing seven standout cuts by Skeezo. Two bonus remixes bring the set to a total of nine tracks. Throughout Stuck in Da ’90s, Skeezo is joined on the mic by Bekay, DJ Modesty, El Gant, Napoleon the Legend, Nutso, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Vanessa Renee.

01. Stuck In The 90s (Rediculus Remix)
02. Pick Up Lines Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Vasnessa Renee (Rediculus Remix)
03. Party Starters Feat. Nutso (Rediculus Remix)
04. Hudson Valley Renegade (Rediculus Remix)
05. Watch Ya Step Feat. El Gant, Bekay & DJ Modesty (Rediculus Remix)
06. The Mission (Rediculus Remix)
07. How You Spit Feat. Napoleon Da Legend) (Rediculus Remix)
08. Stuck In The 90s (Rediculus Head Bang Remix)
09. How You Spit (Rediculus Reflex Remix)

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D.R.C – Skyscraper Versatility


Versatility. Houston MC D.R.C First Official Release From Heart Break, To Every Day Growing Up, Partying With The Crew, To Riding Down The Streets Of Houston …Through The Next 17 Tracks Let D.R.C Show You The Versatility Of Life. With Songs Such As – Illusion, My City , W.T.B , Karma the whole nine D.R.C shows you him and the real him.

Words: Alex Dunlow

Ricko – Slick Sundayz Volume 1 #Review @RickoCapito @CRMusicGrp @DJJazzRealTrap @ParkStreetPR


Its not that often that mixtape giants Coast 2 Coast work with London artists but when they do you know its a massive stamp of approval. Well respected tatsemaker DJ Jazz hosts this tape superbly, but the star of the show is Ricko. I haven’t heard of this talented MC before, but after bumping this mixtape I feel he is an artist who will be on my iPod for some time. Great delivery, clever wordplay, infectious flow and a talent to get the listener engaged from the start. This is something special and is so much more than your average UK release. Thumbs up from me!

Ricko – Slick Sundayz Volume 1 (Track-list):

01. Intro
02. Act Right (VcLS Remix)
03. Karate Chop (VcLS Remix)
04. Girl (VcLS Remix)
05. Don’t Waste My Time (VcLS Remix)
06. Pound Cake (VcLS Remix _ C.R.E.A.M. Pt. 2)
07. U.O.E.N.O. (VcLS Remix)
08. Clouds (VcLS Remix)
09. Cuba (VcLS Remix)
10. Type Of Way (VcLS Remix)
11. Started From the Gutta (VcLS Remix)
12. Ya’ll Don’t Hear Me Tho (VcLS Remix)
13. Ready Or Not (VcLS Remix)
14. My Trillaz (VcLS Remix)
15. So Easy (VcLS Remix)
16. Versace (VcLS Remix)
17. VcLS (C.R.E.A.M. Pt. 1)
18. Stray Feat. Devin The Dude (VcLS Remix)
19. Lookin At Me (VcLS Remix)
20. Sweet (VcLS Remix)
21. What’s My Name (VcLS Remix)
22. G.O.D. Pt. III (VcLS Remix)
23. Space Age Pimpin (VcLS Remix)
24. The Coolest (VcLS Remix)
25. 25 Lighters (VcLS Remix)
26. Not My Job (VcLS Remix)
27. I Wanna Be Down (VcLS Remix)

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Words: Alex Dunlow

Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace – FTLOM Vol.1 #Review #Mixtape @MikeySmith121 @Gambit_Ace @ParkStreetPR


‘FTLOM’ stands for something rather sincere… ‘For The Love Of Music’ which is the new project from London’s Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace who have been putting in mad work gigging up and down the country as well as unleashing a superb video to their track ‘Thank You’. This eleven track free MP3 download features some real gems such as ‘Rainy Days’, ‘D.Y.H’ and ‘I Messed Up’ as well as some spoken word skits that work really well. This is a banging mixtape and really shows how the UK is killing the urban music market at the moment.


1.POEM 01:00
2.Let It Go 03:17
3.Rainy Days 03:50
4.Intermission Pt1 00:39
5.D.Y.H 02:40
6.Took A Chance 04:08
7.Intermission Pt2 00:32
8.Get Married 04:16
9.I Messed Up 03:26
10.F.T.L.O.M 02:38
11.Thank You 04:52

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Words: Alex Dunlow