B Genius – Galactic Universal Language (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) #Review @Hollowvisons @BGeniusHV @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR


B Genius translates his world and life for public consumption in the form of this new mixtape with UK Runnings. Being real this is the first time I’ve heard of this emcee but from researching about him he has back catalogue too. This is probably a good place to start though as it is bar far his biggest release to date. With a great artwork look to go with a nice solid Hip-Hop sound, B Genius has this somewhat unique way and ability to translate his life into hip-hop with ease. The mixtape is best described as an underground classic.

This year has seen a new generation of emcee’s that have become cultural messengers, this is a good thing for real hip-hop music fans and the culture as a whole. B Genius invokes the honesty that made me instantly think he is very likeable and immediately you can hear his romance with the music. The life of a struggling MC is touched on as his are his dreams and aspirations, but if the idea with this release was establish himself as someone with the ability to be a capable MC, then the good has been done.

B Genius – Galactic Universal Language (Track-list):

01. Barz (Produced by Citizen Kane)
02. Chasing (Produced by session 600)
03. High Feat. Conscience Johnson, Dragz & Stella Walton (Produced By Brad Piff)
04. Too Much Feat. Reckless.(Produced by Citizen Kane)
05. Care Free (Produced by Birdydogg)
06. Ordinary Love Feat. Stella Walton (Produced by Citizen Kane)
07. Square One Feat. Conscience Johnson (Produced by Brad Piff)
08. Sell My Soul (Produced by Citizen Kane)
09. Me V Me (Produced by Citizen Kane)
10. The One (Produced by K2)
11. Where Am I Going (Produced by Session 600)
12. Path Of the Beast Feat. Killa Virus
13. Visions Of Terror Feat. Conscience Johnson & Terra Artists (Produced by B Genius)

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Alex Dunlow

D7 – Dimension 7 #Mixtape #Review @RemnantMuzic @ParkStreetPR


For the last year or Remnant Music have really been pumping out some quality positive Hip-Hop music. Now we get the new project from London based artist D7, a rapper, performer, producer and co-CEO of the Remnant Music the label. It’s a twelve track affair that features some great music with strong positive messages. Top tracks for us included the video track ‘Stay Focused’ which features label mate Soloman Gehazi and vocalist Tommy Oliver, as well as ‘My People’ and ‘Dig Deeper’. D7 definitely has skills and this project proves it. Looking forward to more music from D7 in 2015, especially if it bangs like this.

D7 – Dimension 7 (Track-list):

01. Dimension 7 01:45
02. Stay Focused FT. Soloman Gehazi & Tommy Oliver 03:11
03. Catacombs FT. Washington 02:41
04. Real talk 02:45
05. The Balance 02:49
06. I see the way FT. Washington 03:29
07. State of mind FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:58
08. Dig deeper 02:58
09. My Peoples 02:54
10. Fall back FT. Washington 02:58
11. This is how F.T Soloman Gehazi 02:50
12. I know FT. Soloman Gehazi 02:52

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Words: Josh Powell

Sketchamus ‘Scrumpy Rap’ #Mixtape @Sketchamus @ParkStreetPR


‘Make sure you go and grab this now!’ TheHipHopMafia.com
‘Quality from the off this is a must’ TalkingAllThatRap.com
‘Tracks that UK Hip-Hop fans will love & adore’ HipHopSavedUs.com

Sketchamus – Scrumpy Rap (Track-list):

01. House Of Mystery (Produced by Nuttkase)
02. Intellect’s Dialect feat. Matty C & Rapulsive (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
03. No Escape (Produced by Blanka)
04. Subconscious (2012) (Produced by NEUS)
05. Wake Up! (Produced by Astrum)
06. Phantom (Produced by AZ Productions)
07. The Steel Finger (Produced by Asi-C)
08. Subconscious II (Produced by thesecession)
09. Betrayal feat. Stan Doubt, DK, Verbal Skillz, Mr.E, Dubside & Yozi Mac (Produced by The Passion Hi-Fi)
10. I Don’t Know (Produced by Neptix)
11. The Flow Definition (Entry for R.A. The Rugged Man’s Definition Of A Rap Flow Contest)
12. BONUS TRACK – The ‘Bar’barian Mix

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Check these videos:

Sketchamus – Intellect’s Dialect

Sketchamus – House Of Mystery Verse (Living Room Session)

Sketchamus – 16 Bar Challenge 2014

Intuitive ‘The Shropshire Lad’ (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) @Intuitive96 @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR


‘It’s a banger from start to finish’ PureHipHopHeat.com
‘A quality UK Hip-Hop twelve tracker’ TalkingAllThatRap.com
‘This is a mixtape that you need in your collection’ TheHipHopMafia.com

Intuitive – The Shropshire Lad Tracklisting:

01 – The Shropshire Lad
02 – Cross The Borders Feat. Killah Tal of Motta Gang
03 – Wasted Feat. Skramz & Reapz
04 – The Millionth Pound Cake Remix
05 – This Is Your Time (Prod. by Lab Man)
06 – You’ll Never Feel Alone Feat. Dean Fenton (Prod. by Riddle)
07 – Writing Letters (Prod. by Khan E.G)
08 – We Run This Feat. Trademark Blud (Prod, by Flyin’ Anvil)
09 – Thump (Prod. by Riddle)
10 – Dear Dad (Prod. by DJ Mainframe)
11 – Throwback (Prod. by Illyah)
12 – Dust to Dust Feat. Lordy

Stream/Download link:

Intuitive ‘Shropshire Lad Freestyle’ (Produced by Riddle) #Video

Intuitive ‘Hakuna Matata’ (Produced by Average Keith) #Video

Intuitive ‘Dear Dad’ (Produced by DJ Mainframe) #Video

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UK Runnings #EstateLife – Volume 14 #Mixtape #UKHipHop @TrickstaUK @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR

estate life 014 cover copy 500

Tricksta and the UK Runnings mixtape series are back with Volume 14, and once again its 18 banging UK Hip-Hop anthems., #EstateLife has been making noise this year with reviews in The Wire Magazine and many other magazines and blogs. Featuring tracks from artists from all over the UK, this is a mixtape series you need to get up on!

Volume 14 features Tricksta, Big Dutty Deeze, Supar Novar, Cyclonious, F.L.I.P, Shakezpeare, Mobb Ryder, Big Ribzy, Twiggy, Trademark, Blabz, Filfy, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Dotz, Airklipz, Mack, Intuitive, Nephilim, S.Kalibre & Soul Theory, Sonny Mac, Mr Byte, MC Stern & Rame.

UK Runnings #EstateLife – Volume 014 (Track-list):

01 – Tricksta Feat. Big Dutty Deeze & Supar Novar – Its Horrible
02 – Cyclonious – Expect The Unexpected
03 – F.L.I.P – Drugs
04 – Shakezpeare – Top Boy
05 – Mobb Ryder – 12 Stories
06 – Big Ribzy Feat. Twiggy – What You Want
07 – Trademark – Gully
08 – Blabz – White Faces
09 – Filfy – Hip-Hop Lives
10 – Raggo Zulu Rebel – Born In Babylon
11 – Dotz – Life Of A Fool
12 – Airklipz Feat. Mack – No Stopping Me
13 – Intuitive – Hakuna Matata
14 – Nephilim – Without You
15 – S.Kalibre & Soul Theory – Touch You
16 – Sonny Mac & Mr Byte – My Pain
17 – MC Stern – Scream For More
18 – Rame – Thug Cry (The Remix)

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Compiled, mixed & mastered by Tricksta
Submissions: info@parkstreetpr.co.uk

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Immortal Technique joins Constant Flow on “Moment of Peace” | ‘Ascension’ LP Drops Next Tues (9/02)!

In recent years more than ever, Hip-Hop has been a platform of boasting ones possessions or idea of wealth. While there’s no shame in showing off every so often by toasting to the good life, there’s an ugly truth that needs to be exposed. War, genocide, corruption; these are the things that are leaving a scar in our history books. Whereas some rappers may just gloss over these disasters, Constant Flow is here to tell the whole truth to the masses. Fresh from the release of “Dog Tags,” the 2nd single taken from his Viper Records debut LP, Ascension, CF keeps the momentum rocking with “Moment of Peace,” a sharp tongued reflection of the world examined through real people, not just mass media. As Melanie Fontana supplies a chilling hook that blends effortlessly with the fact-paced instrumental, Viper’s frontman, Immortal Technique, drops a potent series of double time bars that will leave new listeners and long time fans hitting the rewind button. “Moment of Peace” is the 3rd and final leak taken from Ascension, which is set to drop next Tuesday, September 2nd, so check out the track while pre-ordering the album via iTunes!

Jake Middleton