Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Volume 2′ #Mixtape @UrbanVault @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR



Well respected urban music blog, portal & clothing line http://www.UrbanVault.co.uk have been supporting the worldwide scene ever since its birth. Now in 2014 it’s known as one of the leading urban music websites, with numerous daily posts and a slick range of merchandise & clothing available. Back in 2010 Urban Vault hooked up with Tricksta from UK Runnings mixtapes and as a sponsored artist their working relationship grew and in December 2011 they dropped ‘Vault Assault Volume 1’ which had over 2000 downloads and 18,000 plays.

In 2012 Tricksta took some time off the mixtape circuit to release his production album ‘Out Of Darkness Cometh Light’. Now fully back on his mixtape grind we get Volume 2 of the Vault Assault series. This excellent twenty-five track mixtape features Harry Shotta, Pound Sterling, Ratlin, Cipher Jewels (MD7), Gappy Ranks, Twissman, Iron Braydz, Genesis Elijah, Phili’n’Dotz, Manage, Big Dutty Deeze, Tony D, LATE, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Oshea, Cracker, Locksmyth, Dirtz (N2P), Alex-is, Nature The Kidd, Hipman Junky, Silqe, Chase Taylor & many more

Urban Vault & UK Runnings Present Vault Assault ‘Vol.2 (Track-list):

01 – Genesis Elijah – Yuck
02 – Harry Shotta Feat. Ratlin – No Long Ting
03 – Twissman Feat. Pound Sterling & Jai Martin – Boss Life
04 – H.O.O.D Fellaz – No Problems
05 – Hipman Junky – Jordans (Exclusive)
06 – Alex-Is & Nature The Kidd – Had A Dream
07 – Braydz – Swag
08 – Silqe – Urban Child (Exclusive)
09 – Big Dutty Deeze – Merc The Mic
10 – B-iLLA & Jay Flames Feat. Stakkalyrics – Motormouths
11 – Phili’n’Dotz – Training For Battle
12 – Locksmyth & Tony D Feat. Oshea – Police Harassment
13 – Manage – Pain & Hunger
14 – Lullaby – Shut Um Down
15 – Chase Taylor & Hypomanic Productions – Urban Vault (Exclusive)
16 – Dirtz (N2P) Feat. Cipher Jewels (MD7) – Aim High
17 – Raggo Zulu Rebel – Highest Vibration
18 – LATE – This Is For Those
19 – Soloman Gehazi & D7 – Racial Injustice
20 – Lost Alliance – Stalemate
21 – Shakezpeare – H.I.N.D (Hip-Hop Is Not Dead)
22 – Cracker – People Person
23 – Soldjasoulz – Wappen
24 – J Double – Ghetto City
25 – Razor Feat. Gappy Ranks – Stay Away

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UK Runnings Presents Homegrown Heroes – Airklipz ‘Unpolished Gems’ (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) @Airklipz @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR


Tricksta and his UK Runnings mixtape series have really changed gear this year and in addition to hosting various UK rappers mixtapes and starting the weekly mixtape series #EstateLife, they are now re-launching Homegrown Heroes, an artist based mixtape series that will showcase various talent from the UK Hip-Hop scene.

Kicking off this new wave of mixtape releases comes a superb mixtape of killer tracks and rarities from South London native Airklipz. This versatile rapper has a unique style that is based on constant experimentation as he chooses to pen songs about actual events which happen around him. Airklipz is a true definition of UK Reality Rap with an impressive work rate, releasing over ten mixtapes in the last five years.

‘Unpolished Gem’s is a sixteen track mixtape hosted & mixed by Tricksta that features guest appearances with Legz Diamond, Eyez Kold, Milan, Bill Riddem, Coleone, Yemi Bolatiwa and Yo’hyness, as well as original production from Jammy Git, Sleepy Time Ghost, Redirob and Milan. This mixtape is a must for any fan of Airklipz, as well as being the perfect introduction to him if you’ve been sleeping!

Homegrown Heroes Presents Airklipz ‘Unpolished Gems’

01 – Intro Feat. Tricksta
02 – Caveman Shit Feat. Legz Diamond (Prod. by Jammy Git)
03 – Bury The Hatchet Feat. Eyez Kold (Prod. by Sleepy Time Ghost & Jammy Git)
04 – HMP Paper (Prod. by Redirob)
05 – More Milli
06 – Ricin Feat. Milan (Prod. by Milan)
07 – Let Us Live (Prod. by Redirob)
08 – All Mine
09 – The Holy (London) Feat. Bill Riddem (Prod. by Jammy Git)
10 – Cracks Another Beer Feat. Coleone (Prod. by Jammy Git)
11 – Summer (Reminisce) Feat. Yemi Bolatiwa (Prod. by Sleepy Time Ghost)
12 – Blue Lights
13 – All For Da Cheese (Prod. by Redirob)
14 – Dreams, Nightmares Feat. Coleone (Prod. by Jammy Git)
15 – My 1ST Tune Feat. Yo’hyness (Prod. by Jammygit)
16 – Outro Feat. Tricksta

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Compiled, hosted, mixed & mastered by Tricksta

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UK Runnings Presents #EstateLife – Volume 011 @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR

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UK Runnings Presents #EstateLife – Volume 010 @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR

ESTATE010 - 700

EstateLife - UK Runnings #EstateLife - Volume 010 - estatelife 010 back 700

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Compiled, mixed & mastered by Tricksta
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UK Runnings Presents #EstateLife – Volume 009 – OUT NOW!!! @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR

estate life 009

estate life 009 back

Tricksta aka The Mixtape Machine is back with another volume of UK Runnings new series #EstateLife and what a killer collection of home-grown Hip-Hop it is. As always UK Runnings stays open minded in its selection giving listeners and fans a variety of styles. UK Runnings are aiming to release 100 mixtapes in 2014, it might sound far fetched but with a barrage of mixtapes to come from artists, clothing labels and magazines, its could just happen!

Volume 009 features Nature The Kidd, Reload, Dash Gambino, Big Ben, T Man, Shakezpeare. Vicious, Tony D, Supar Novar, SayKriDD Daly, RD Millz, Airklipz, Jimmy Screech, Tabanacle, Rewd Adams, Terra Slim, Ayatollah Lyrical, C-Raw, LATE, Shay, Subtrax, Mr Melta, Conspicuous, Evil Ed and Intuitive.

For those of you waning to support the cause you can cop #EstateLife T-Shirts NOW which are available on-line to purchase. The shirts are a quality heavy-weight charcoal tee which you can get in medium, large, XL & xxl and come with a superb black & white print of the front cover. They are available exclusively to purchase from leading independent T-Shirt supplier http://www.tshirtprofile.com for only £9.99 plus postage & packaging. Beenies, Snapbacks, Varsity’s, Hoodies and more to come so be on the lookout

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HYPETRAK Mix: Ta-ku – Drive Slow, Homie Pt. III


B.Lewis – LaxedOut [Unreleased]
M-Phazes – Swaggerific [Unreleased]
M-Phazes – Mojito [Unreleased]
Louis Futon – Sir Rock [Unreleased]
Iamnobodi – Schillerpromenade [Unreleased]
The Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Abjo Refix)
Khadisma – Relativley
Khadisma – Lately
Fwdslxsh – 4U
RLP – Me&You
Falcxne – Feel Me [Unreleased]
R.Kelly – Legs Shakin (Promnite Remix)
Emoji King – Slow It Down BB
R-ASH – You Are My High
Yung Stn – Down [Unreleased]
Justin Bieber – All That Matters (ETM Remix) [Unreleased]

Artwork: Srdjn Marjanovic (instagram.com/SRDJANNN)
Photography: Michael Salisbury (instagram.com/msalisbu)

Jinx – Welcome To My Circus (Hosted by @TrickstaUK) #Mixtape @JinkaBeval @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR

Camden rapper Jinx has been making serious waves on the underground with his new mixape ‘Welcome To My Circus’. This is a twenty track release that hits hard with an abundance of killer solo tracks as well as contributions from guest artists such as Ramone, AMB, A.G, RZR and Jordan.

‘Welcome To My Circle’ is hosted by Tricksta, the UK Hip-Hop veteran who has dropped mixtapes hosted by UK acts such as Big Cakes, Iron Braydz, M9 from Triple Darkness, Big Narstie and US acts such as French Montana, Sheek Louch, Papoose, Chamillionaire, Freeky Zeekey, 40Glocc and more.

If you don’t now about this North London Rhymesmith now is a good place to start, Jinx has arrived.


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UK Runnings & H.O.O.D Fellaz #Back4DaLastTime @OfficialHF @UKRunnings @ParkStreetPR @Caeza_HF @TrigzHF @Sherm_HF @Lullaby_HF

hoodz fellaz 600

H.O.O.D Fellaz are back… and they are back for the last time! Not in the way that it’s their last release but in the way that they are never leaving the game again… this is the last time they are back!!!

With over ten years experience in the music game, H.O.O.D Fellaz (HF) came to the attention of urban music lovers when their music video ‘Myflo’ dropped on Channel U which was followed by their classic debut mixtape ‘So Far So Hood’. It was this release that cemented them in the music scene with a string of taste-makers championing their sound.

After a string of features on leading UK mixtapes HF continued to work hard releasing music videos and collaborating with various artists. In 2007 HF met up with mixtape deejay Tricksta, where it was decided that a full UK Runnings mixtape release should be recorded. The result was the 2011 mixtape release ‘New Years Resolution’, a fourteen track release that featured guest verses from Big Cakes and Raggo Zulu Rebel which was nominated for a OMA (Official Mixtape Award).

Now in 2014, HF release their brand new mixtape ‘#Back4DaLastTime’ hosted by Tricksta, a deejay who has done official mixtapes with the likes of French Montana, Red Café, Sheek Louch, Papoose and more. You’ve seen the videos on leading UK Rap channel UK Overstood already, but now it’s time to enjoy the full fourteen track mixtape excursion.

The line-up for H.O.O.D Fellaz might have changed a few times, but the message hasn’t. Core members Caeza, Trigz, Sherman Blacks and Lullaby are still representing fully along with new member Tints, and they are still about unleashing quality over quantity. HF are back and back like they never left… thank goodness it’s for the last time.

H.O.O.D Fellaz – Its Nothing #Video

H.O.O.D Fellaz – Put Your Hands Up #Video

UK Runnings Presents H.O.O.D Fellaz – #Back4DaLastTime (Track-list)

01 – Intro
02 – Put Ya Hands Up
03 – No Problems
04 – Off The Chain (Swagger)
05 – Change
06 – Ballin
07 – Call Of Duty
08 – Dam
09 – HF Clothing
10 – Do It Right
11 – Its Nothing
12 – Day Dream
13 – LL Cool J
14 – Work Hard

Download links:

Hosted, mixed & mastered by Tricksta
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UK Runnings Presents #EstateLife – Volume 004 @UKRunnings @TrickstaUK @ParkStreetPR

estate life 004 front500

The longest running mixtape series UK Runnings drops its fourth volume of #EstateLife. Nothing that amazing about that statement until you realise that Volume 001 dropped just three weeks ago on 15th January. The grind continues with this awesome mixtape series that doesn’t care about status or demographic, just quality UK music for your mind, body & soul!

Volume 004 features Tricksta, Juice Aleem, Blackitude, Sir Tomz, Nih’illi, M.A.B, Ramson Badbonez, Nature The Kidd, Alex-Is, S.Kalibre, Nate, Logic, H.O.O.D Fellaz, Unseen, Supar Novar, TrixCity, Big J, Reload, Lego, Fdot1, Filfy, Big Dutty Deeze, Vicious, Steady Rock, Oliver Sudden Monosapiens, Conscious Route, J.A & Leo Soul (Soul Rhymaz), U.Kings and Trademark Blud.

UK Runnings Presents #EstateLife – Volume 004 (Track-list):

01 – Tricksta Feat. Juice Aleem, Blackitude, Sir Tomz & Nih’illi – These Bars
02 – M.A.B Feat. Ramson Badbonez – Let Me Down
03 – Nature The Kidd Feat. Alex-Is – I Feel Good
04 – S.Kalibre Feat. Nate and Logic – No Peace
05 – H.O.O.D Fellaz – Its Nothing
06 – Unseen Feat. Supar Novar – Hood 2 Hood
07 – TrixCity & Big J – Kill Myself
08 – Reload – My Zone
09 – Lego – Bring The Biz To Kids
10 – Fdot1 – I’m On Dat
11 – Filfy – Ghettocity
12 – Big Dutty Deeze – They Say
13 – Vicious – Til I Hit A Milli
14 – Steady Rock & Oliver Sudden – Cash Money (Remix)
15 – Monosapiens Feat. Conscious Route – Meteor Shower
16 – J.A & Leo Soul (Soul Rhymaz) – Work Rate
17 – U.Kings – Common Logic (Remix)
18 – Trademark Blud – S.O.S

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Compiled, mixed & mastered by Tricksta
Submissions: info@parkstreetpr.co.uk

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M3 & Dirty of Nothink 2 Prove – The Mission (Hosted by Mykal Million) @m3n2precords @dirty0121 @mykalmillion @parkstreetpr

n2p - the mission - cover

‘Something you need in your life’ PureHipHopHeat.com
‘Heavy beats and reality rhymes’ HipHopLifeAndTimes.com
‘Go cop this mixtape, you wont regret it’ TalkingAllThatRap.com
‘One the best mixtapes out at the moment’ TheHipHopMafia.com
‘Quality intelligent positive reality rap from Brum’ HipHopSavedUs.com

Let us take two minutes out of your life to tell you about a new team from the UK’s second city who are destined for big things. Nothink 2 Prove is an independent label from Birmingham that is about releasing quality, uplifting and positive urban music and first up is a superb mixtape release ‘The Mission’ from the talented M3 & Dirty a.k.a Dirts.

Since the mixtape was released last year the buzz has been building with a string of solid reviews on some of the UK’s leading Hip-Hop blogs, as well as features on mixtapes including the new UK Runnings mixtape series #EstateLife and music videos up on the leading UK urban channels such as P110, Word On Road and UK Overstood.

Positive, powerful and persistent are words that spring to mind when you talk about N2P. With a release schedule full for 2014 already, as well as live dates, more videos and a forthcoming merchandise range, things are beginning to get serious. Get up on some real music and support quality independent music.

Download link:


Releated Music Videos:

M3 & Dirty of Nothink 2 Prove – Wake Up Feat. Cipher Jewels (MD7)

M3 & Dirty of Nothink 2 Prove – Tell Us Why

M3 & Dirty of Nothink 2 Prove – How Long Can I Keep It Up

M3 & Dirty of Nothink 2 Prove – Stay Focused