Stutter Jack aka Conscious Route – Stutter Jack EP #EP #Video @StutterJack @TrueHoldRecords @ParkStreetPR

‘Stutter Jack’ is the rejected alter-ego of rapper, Conscious Route. This stuttering, straight-talking rhymer brings a mix of cheek and fluid flows over reggae influenced Hip Hop, Dubstep, and alternative live production.

Stutter Jack, aka Conscious Route, aka Mosman, aka Mossman Skank, has been in and around UK hip hop for over a decade, starting out based near London as an original member of the outfit Fugazirum. He worked with such artist as Chemo, Big Daddy Kope (Banana Clan Records) before switching to Edinburgh and changing his name to Conscious Route, where he networked closely with local names such Madhat McGore (MCF Records), Solar Eye (Stanely Odd), Mog (Powercut Productions).

As a member of (SOS) Sons Scotland, he worked closely with Werd amongst others, while still gaining recognition around the UK and networking with other talented individuals like Big Dutty Deeze.

Stutter Jack aka Conscious Route – About Time (Produced by Sean El) #Video

Stutter Jack aka Conscious Route – Stutter Jack EP (Track-list):
01. About Time (Produced by Sean El)
02. Give Allot Feat. Trademark Blud (Produced by Sean El)
03. About Time (Blind Digital Remix)
04. About Time (GiMiK Remix)
05. About Time (Monosapiens Remix)

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Reds ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ (Prod. by Edible Beatz) Review

REDS 700

YOOOOO!!!!!!!! This is fully certified, dope beats and punchlines with super infectious flows, Reds have unleashed his best release of his career. Raw & uncut he delivers on every single track, and he was good before but something has happened, he has changed gear here with something very special. YOU NEED THIS!!!

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Words: Alex Dunlow

Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace – FTLOM Vol.1 (Mixtape OUT NOW!!!) @MikeySmith121 @Gambit_Ace @ParkStreetPR


We reviewed this a few days ago but just wanted to show you the videos! MAKE SURE YOU GRAB THIS!!!

‘A banging mixtape, killing the urban music market’

‘Such a sincere and humble release’
‘Sometimes music is so real it hits you hard’
‘Go cop this; you definitely need it for the summer’
‘Straight forward, lyrically orientated hip-hop’
‘FTLOM Vol.1 is a solid collection of urban anthems’
‘Middle-of-the-road enough to have the broadest of appeals’

Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace – FTLOM Vol.1 – Download/Stream Link:


Mikey Smith
Instagram – MikeySmithFTLOM

Gambit Ace

Shakezpeare – Unfabricated #EP & Nu Bluez #Video @Shakezspeare @ParkStreetPR

‘Strong concepts and very original’
‘Rugged and raw to the essence’
‘Hard beats and metaphors, this is fire’
‘His appeal is that he doesn’t hold back’
‘A seven track EP that needs your attention’

Shakezpeare is a UK Rapper from Coventry in the West Midlands who has been making waves in the underground scene. He is strongly affiliated with US indie labels Crhyme Mate Entertainment, Sicko Records and CME Mobb due to his international appeal and has previously released two mixtapes as well as more recently dropping his debut album ‘H.I.N.D’ (Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead). As well as consistent recording artist, Shakezpeare is known performer sharing stages with the likes of Malik, Supar Novar, Genesis Elijah, Tony D, Reveal and many more.

‘Unfabricated’ is the brand new seven track EP from Shakezpeare that features the likes of UK Hip-Hop legend Genesis Elijah, battle rapper and Midlands artist Trademark Blud as well as well respected London artist Vicious. Production comes from SK, Great Majesty and Embra Beats who set the tone for a collection of tracks that display Shakezpeare’s rhyming skills and his direct take on life. Shakezpeare spent life in various prisons due to life on the streets doing over twelve years behind bars and here on this EP he drops realism on the subject.

This EP is as real as its gets as it takes you into a world that most fame emcees rap about but in reality could only have nightmares about or can only fabricate in their lyrics. This release is raw, this release is undiluted; this is UNFABRICATED…

Shakezpeare Feat. Vicious – Nu Bluez (Music Video)

Shakezpeare – Unfabricated #EP(Track-list):

01 – Have You (Produced by SK)
02 – Streets Keep Calling (Produced by Great Majesty)
03 – My Shoes Feat. Genesis Elijah (Produced by SK)
04 – T.O.DD.Y (Produced by Embra Beats)
05 – Nu Bluez Feat. Vicious (Produced by SK)
06 – The Madness (Produced by Embra Beats)
07 – Can’t Stop Feat. Trademark Blud (Produced by Embra Beats)

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Shakezpeare – Unfabricated (EP Review) @Shakezspeare @ParkStreetPR

Shakezpeare - Unfabricated - 500

Shakezpeare is a rapper from Coventry City in the West Midlands and is affiliated with US indie label Chryme Mate Entertainment and Sicko Records and has previously released an album and two mixtapes which have all been well received. More recently he has been doing a string of gigs promoting this new EP which features the likes of UK Hip-Hop legend Genesis Elijah, Spitroast Battler Trademark Blud as well as some amazing production. This is rugged and raw to the essence of rap music, make sure you cop this!

Shakezpeare – Unfabricated #EP(Track-list):
01 – Have You (Produced by SK)
02 – Streets Keep Calling (Produced by Great Majesty)
03 – My Shoes Feat. Genesis Elijah (Produced by SK)
04 – T.O.DD.Y (Produced by Embra Beats)
05 – Nu Bluez Feat. Vicious (Produced by SK)
06 – The Madness (Produced by Embra Beats)
07 – Can’t Stop Feat. Trademark Blud (Produced by Embra Beats)

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Review by Alex Dunlow

LATE – Innovator EP (Prod. by @Juttla @TrickstaUK @SlapUMugz) #EP @OfficialLate @TripleFearFilms @ParkStreetPR

LATE – Innovator EP (Download link):

LATE drops his brand new six track EP as well as a video for the Juttla Remix of last year’s underground anthem ‘Manifesting Rhymes’. The ‘Innovator EP’ features the likes of Staten Island’s Fes Taylor and Lil B The Big Dawg from the Midwest as well as production from Juttla, Tricksta and Slap Up Mill. This is undiluted Hip-Hop and with all styles covered this is a release you need to grab right now.

LATE – Innovator EP (Track-list):
01. Manifesting Rhymes (Juttla Remix)
02. I’m The One (Produced by Tricksta)
03. Its Official (Produced by Tricksta)
04. Music For The Street Feat. Fes Taylor (Produced by Tricksta)
05. Just Move (Produced by Slap Up Mill)
06. Worldwide Money Getters Feat. Lil B The Big Dawg (Produced by Tricksta)

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Bink$ Win$ton ‘MANish’ #EP

When You Want To Hear The Truth, You Want Bink$ To Get In The Booth…

His name is Bink$ Win$ton – not “the other guy that be rappin’ with The D.I.M.E.” And his brand, Dolla Bill Entertainment, proudly presents “MANish”, his debut EP. Released on June 20 2013, “MANish” explodes with the truth, as seen through the eyes of Bink$. Consequently that truth is delivered in an unvarnished, rough edged crystal shot glass. Recorded with Grammy nominated engineer Jeremy Goody (Megasonic Sound), and mixed/mastered by Deagan Mack Adams (Ineffable Music), “MANish” is made beautiful in its design and simplicity – yet dangerously appealing as it lunges for your jugular. To any fan of good rap music, the “MANish” EP is agreeably “something to look forward to” (Lou Nutt, Murder Dog Magazine).

Despite the project’s provocative cover art, “MANish” reflects the arrogance and compassion of a not so conflicted man, whose disposition is being a native of the unforgiving streets of Oakland, California. Oakland’s truths are its mothers, its fathers, its city wide pride, blue collar mentality, pimps, homeless, its gangs and drugs, its hardened streets, as well as its green, rolling hills that constantly remind others both of where they are and where they will never reach. This is Oakland, “MANish”, and Bink$ Win$ton in all their contrasting glory.

Referred to as a “hip hop Phil Spector” (D. Scot Miller, East Bay Express), Bink$ Win$ton is the Executive Producer of this very fluid, entertaining EP. “MANish”, comprised of hard, melodic rhythms and heavy hearted bass is constructed with great care and deliberate precision. With guest appearances from The D.I.M.E., and original production from Bre$Ez, Bleszid, 8ight 5ive, and NastyFace, Bink$ skillfully offers a surreal vision to his listeners. From living your life out loud to being driven for success, “MANish” personalizes the experience on a level that is both relatable and tangible to listeners from every walk of life. While it is easy for men to feel Bink$ Win$ton, women alike can appreciate the honesty in his perspective and music.

To date Bink$’ music and videos can be found on over 100 hip hop sites/blogs worldwide – a google search would show that his material is not hard to find. And no stranger to the stage, he has opened for the likes of Slick Rick, San Quinn, Tash of Tha Alkoholiks, Iyaz, and K. Michelle to name a few. With that in mind, fans are encouraged to connect to him through social media and can expect promotional show dates throughout California through the fall and winter of 2013.

Bink$ Win$ton ‘MANish’ (Track-list):

01. Intro
02. This Shit Right Here
03. Oh My Feat. Chioke Of The Dime
04. Ridin’ High Feat. Noquestion, The Dime & Annette Taylor
05. STOP!
06. Momma Say Feat. K.nightshift
07. Turn Off My Phone
08. Make Up
09. The MANuscript
10. FM Radio Feat. The Dime

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Night Movements – Dark Army #Video / The 8th Circle #EP

Night Movements are a collective of emcees and producers from Birmingham, UK who have been making waves in the Hip Hop scene ever since they dropped their self titled ‘NMS’ debut album back in February. Since then they have been working hard on a number of projects, live shows and music videos. Now they unleash this superb four track EP which sees Exa, Hyksos, Wize One & Kams join forces. Lyrically they hit the spot with a darker themed extended player that is complimented by a music video for the lead track ‘Dark Army’. There’s no doubting Night Movements have arrived, and with an impressive back catalogue and future release schedule, things are looking bright this talented West Midlands crew.

Night Movements – The 8th Circle #EP (Tracklist):

1. Hydrazine (Produced by Rem Vincere)
2. Tangent Universe (Produced by Exa)
3. Get Burnt (Produced by Exa)
4. Dark Army (Produced by Exa)

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Don’t forget to catch Night Movements performing live…

November 23rd @ Beats & Bars, Wolverhampton
November 29th @ Camouflage, Birmingham
December 26th @ Highgrade, Birmingham

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Swift Kirabo ‘Its Just Begun’ (Single)


Swift Kirabo is a Rap artist from the city of Manchester he’s been doing music seriously for 3 years and dabbles in any genre he feels like, but mainly works with Hip Hop/Grime. From early Swift gravitated towards music because he’s always had the feeling that it’s what he should be doing in life, music is something he’s truly passionate about and wants to improve on daily. He started out in school with Grime/Rap collectives developing his skills by taking part in cyphers with other MC’s in a highly competitive environment. As time passed Swift began to do more solo songs spreading them around his local area and then finally in early 2013 releasing his 1st free Mix-tape entitled ‘Daydreamer’ on ‘bandcamp’ which did well locally.

The inspiration for his music comes from real life scenarios that he or others have experienced as well as using his lyrical skills for a more creative/punchline approach. His main aim with music is to inspire, uplift, entertain and provoke thought amongst his listeners plus to one day have a worldwide audience who can appreciate what his music has to offer!

His Latest project is an EP titled ‘Heart of A SOULja’ which will be out early 2014, this song ‘It’s Just Begun’ is the introduction to his EP.

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Alex-is & Nature The Kidd ’5 Bangers’

5 bangers front 600

Happy Bonfire Night… here’s something explosive for you! A brand new collaborative EP from Wolverhampton’ ALEXiS and South London’s Nature The Kidd. The vibe here is simple, it’s November 5th, so we’re giving you ‘5 Bangers’ for FREE! Recorded in one day this is something that every Hip-Hop fan should be on, as they take some banging classics and rework them in their own unique way! Hosted by UK Runnings main man Tricksta, this is something you need to download right now!!! Bang, Bang… expect lyrical fire works!!!

ALEXiS was introduced into music by his father who is a well respected Midland’s DJ and inspired by the works of lyrical Hip-Hop artists such as Nas, Talib Kweli and more. This talented Wolverhampton artist has been putting it down for years, reaching the finals of Urban Voice Competition, as well as radio play from BBC Introducing WM. Under his old alias of Mr Vanitee he featured on Baby J’s classic ‘FTP Mixtape’ alongside Skinnyman, Jammer, Rodney P and many more. In 2012 he met producer Fyba and in October 2012 blew up the underground with his mixtape titled #HashTag. This was followed up by his second mixtape ‘SkoolDays’ which dropped in March 2013 and again was very well received. Since then he’s been playing live sharing stages with names such as Genesis Elijah, Ruthless, Supar Novar and more. Now due to drop his brand new release ‘Melody Of Life’ the future is looking promising and successful for this born entertainer.

NATURE THE KIDD from South London Nature is no new comer to the music game and was signed by Incentive Records/Ministry Of Sound at the tender age of fifteen with UK Garage collective Empire Squad. His love and passion for music continued and at the turn of the century he became part of the well respected South-West Hip-Hop collective Sons Of South (S.O.S) who went on to sell three thousand hard copies of their mixtape series ‘All Eyes On The South’. He has also shared stages with some of the UK’s finest such as Klashnekoff, Micall Parknsun, Sway, Doc Brown, Phi Life Cypher, Blade, Million Dan and many more. Recently he dropped his solo debut mixtape ‘Nature’s Way’ with UK Runnings which was well received by Hip-Hop fans all over the globe, getting solid reviews and leading to live gigs all over the country.

Alex-is & Nature The Kidd – 5 Bangers (Track-list):

1. Had A Dream 02:45
2. What’s Happenin’ 03:30
3. Rap Sick Spit Hard 03:42
4. Grindin’ 02:42
5. Ooh La La Laa 03:10

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