Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard – Celestial Kings #EP #Review #Videos #Link @MadPreacher1 @ParkStreetPR

You may know Mad Preacher through his previous videos on You Tube, if not then here is a good place to start. Here is a complex lyricist who makes his words the forte of his sound with every line created with great craft and a poetic message in mind. He does not just rhyme for the sake of doing it, which is probably why there is a consistent atmosphere throughout this EP. It’s something you need to take note of.

The EP has some brilliant poetry, lyricism, rhyming, and a very unique flow which is brought together perfectly by some awesome Boombap style production. Anyone doubting the true musical value of Hip-Hop needs to check this out; it’s much more than just music, its Hip-Hop in its most creative form. It looks like London city has a new emcee to talk about, his name is Mad Preacher. Don’t sleep.

Mad Preacher Aka War Shepard – Celestial Kings (Track-list):

1. Mad Preacher – Spoken Word Remix 03:45
2. Mad Pracher Feat Omen Ra – Angelz or Alien Beingz 04:04
3. Mad Preacher – Celestial Reverlation 02:55
4. Mad Preacher – Equinox Flow 04:18
5. Mad Preacher Feat Asaln – Signz 03:21

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Alex Dunlow

Plain & Simple – Welcome To Plainsville EP (Review & Download link) @PlainandSimple6 @ParkStreetPR


British Hip-Hop is probably in the best place it’s been in years. Blak Twang’s re-release of his first album is on a major label, Tony D V Shotty rammed the venue, Klashnekoff’s debut is 10 years old, Grime artists are now international popstars and above all the music is still as creative and adventurous as it’s ever been. Acts are making heartfelt music and creating sincere urban poetry that is finally being taken note of.

That being said some would argue the point that UK rap is an over saturated genre of music where not many artists are lucky enough to make a living out of it. Whatever your take on it as a genre you have to agree it’s produced some amazing artists in the last few years. One name to add to that list might be Midlands rapper Plain & Simple, whose style is far from actually ‘plain’ and his lyrical onslaughts are fair from ‘simple’, oh the irony is too much!

His latest release was described to me by his PR company as ‘the first of many’, which for me is always pleasing to hear, as a lot of talented acts from five years ago just aren’t around anymore. BUT, and it’s actually a BIG BUT (no ‘Sir Mix-a-Lot’ or ‘Nicki Minaj’ joke intended! Lol), is the music any good? Well I’m going to do my best to tell you.

‘Welcome To Plainsville’ is a six track EP that is worth its weight in gold. It’s like I’ve found a diamond in the rough. Amongst the trillion e-mails I’ve had this week from aspiring artists and promo companies, this is one that stood out to me. Why? Well for a start the artwork intrigued me; I immediately wanted to be on the rollercoaster at that fairground! Then I realised that was probably a visual metaphor the audio journey I was about to encounter.

Tracks like ‘Mixed Emotions’ slapped me in the face in a rather nice ‘Hip-Hop anthem alert’ type way, where as ‘Fun House’ showed me a different and lighter side to him. Other notable highlights include the track ‘Selfish’ which is lyrically awesome with some very good rhyme schemes and excellent song-writing techniques. It’s all well delivered, well put together and it’s been well received, well it has been by me and my peoples.

If this is just the start and Plain & Simple can keep his music at this quality, then the future is bright for this Birmingham based emcee. The people making noise in 2014 and 2015 will be the ones who can match their work ethics with their talent, something I am sure Plain & Simple is going to do. Check out this EP and get up on something real and extremely dope.

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Words: Alex Dunlow

D-Red – S.F.M.S Volume One (Prod. by JMaxfield) EP OUT NOW @DeedashRED @ParkStreetPR


S.F.M.S (Strictly For My Stoners) is the new EP from Bristol based artist D-RED. Soulful and on-point, the production from JMaxfield is the perfect soundscape for D-Red to spray his bars. Its an EP that will actually play more than once, quality stuff from an artist to watch.

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D-Red – Just Some Weed Bars (Prod. by Matka)

D-Red – Accapella Freestyle (Fire TV Bristol)

Unique – Going Through It EP


Unique is the self proclaimed “Dopest in the Northwest”. He also says that he is ready to be at the top of the game and become the “Dopest in Hip-hop”. Unique’s fan base continues to grow everyday because of his descriptive imagery, colossal punch lines, and intelligent word play. Not to mention a deep voice inflection that at times resembles the late Tupac Shakur and a flow that has the slight bounce of a modern Notorious B.I.G. (not a typical comparison for a white rapper I might add). His lyrics tell stories of overcoming obstacles, staying motivated, and trying to rise above the restraints that society has set. Unique also speaks on pain, spirituality, politics, street life, relationships, sex, and partying. With such a wide range of topics you can expect to see a large mix of different backgrounds and ethnicities listening to Unique’s music. Whether male or female it is easy to relate and become a fan.

Words: Alex Dunlow

Skeezo & Rediculus – Watch Ya Step Remix Feat. El Gant, Bekay & DJ Modesty @TheRealSkeezo @Rediculus @ParkStreetPR

Here is the brand new promotional music video for the ‘Watch Ya Step Remix’ from rapper Skeezo and producer Rediculus. The track is taken from the recently released “Stuck In Da 90’s Remix EP”. If you tired of the same old songs on the radio and need some real Hip-Hop in your life then look no further. This slice of Hip-Hop brilliance features the likes of El Gant and Bekay, with France’s number one DJ Modesty on the cuts. This is the first video from the project that has dropped exclusively on and can still be downloaded for free from the links below.

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Knowledge Giving Birth Productions

Stutter Jack aka Conscious Route – Stutter Jack EP #EP #Video @StutterJack @TrueHoldRecords @ParkStreetPR

‘Stutter Jack’ is the rejected alter-ego of rapper, Conscious Route. This stuttering, straight-talking rhymer brings a mix of cheek and fluid flows over reggae influenced Hip Hop, Dubstep, and alternative live production.

Stutter Jack, aka Conscious Route, aka Mosman, aka Mossman Skank, has been in and around UK hip hop for over a decade, starting out based near London as an original member of the outfit Fugazirum. He worked with such artist as Chemo, Big Daddy Kope (Banana Clan Records) before switching to Edinburgh and changing his name to Conscious Route, where he networked closely with local names such Madhat McGore (MCF Records), Solar Eye (Stanely Odd), Mog (Powercut Productions).

As a member of (SOS) Sons Scotland, he worked closely with Werd amongst others, while still gaining recognition around the UK and networking with other talented individuals like Big Dutty Deeze.

Stutter Jack aka Conscious Route – About Time (Produced by Sean El) #Video

Stutter Jack aka Conscious Route – Stutter Jack EP (Track-list):
01. About Time (Produced by Sean El)
02. Give Allot Feat. Trademark Blud (Produced by Sean El)
03. About Time (Blind Digital Remix)
04. About Time (GiMiK Remix)
05. About Time (Monosapiens Remix)

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Reds ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ (Prod. by Edible Beatz) Review

REDS 700

YOOOOO!!!!!!!! This is fully certified, dope beats and punchlines with super infectious flows, Reds have unleashed his best release of his career. Raw & uncut he delivers on every single track, and he was good before but something has happened, he has changed gear here with something very special. YOU NEED THIS!!!

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Words: Alex Dunlow