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North London’s Conrad Browne aka Hazzardus Conscept has been rapping since 2001. Starting out just rhyming with his friends he soon started to develop his talent and working towards perfecting his art. In late 2006 he started to hit open mics, where the UK Hip Hop scene gives birth to a lot of its artists, he quickly built up his network and reputation as a hardworking artist on a musical quest.

The album ‘Love And War’ will be the debut album from Hazzardus Conscept. The album is a sentimental release prescribing the listener a personal insight into Hazzardus Conscept’s character as a whole. The inspiration behind his material is based on his own life experiences including a spiritual encounter which had a transitional effect on his life.

The main focus of Hazzardus Conscept ‘s album is to inspire the hearts and minds of his listeners. The album will be a independent release and a long awaited chapter in his life. As a gift to his fans, Hazzardus Conscept will give away a debut Mixtape to celebrate his stand on the scene following ‘Love and War’.

The open ended concept behind Love and War leaves the perfect invitation for a second project. Hazzardus Conscept has marked his place amongst the UK Scene by featuring on the People’s Army Mixtape in 2013 and collaborating with other talented conscious artists. He has now ready to stand strong and prove his success to himself, not just others. Hazzardus Conscept’s art reflects his life taking an extreme pride to ensure that his growth both spiritually and mentally is a inspiration to others and that anyone can evolve for the greater good. He considers the lessons he has learnt a gift which he values and wants to share through his writing and music.

This is a Hip Hop artist to look out for, sharing his music to his fans with the greatest intentions. Hazzardus Conscept is the new man on the scene.

Hazzardus Conscept – Love & War
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Gee Bag – Show & Tell #Album #Review @GeeBagular @DownstrokeBeats@ParkStreetPR

Downstroke Beats & Gee Bag have combined forces to bring fans a serious dose of funk drenched uplifting Hip-Hop. ‘Show & Tell’ is entirely produced by Downstroke Beats with Gee Bag providing gut-wrenching punch lines, catchy hook lines, and London tinged rap vocals over heavy hitting drums. What I liked about the album is the homage paid to the elements, with its superb artwork, DJ cuts, addictive boom bap flavour and great concepts. This is real Hip-Hop music with style and finesse.

Downstroke’s technique is consistent, which among other things, means he is one hell of a crate-digger to keep those beats coming. More often than not, the listener can pick up the pattern by which he forms his beats, chopping and sampling accordingly. He’s conservative with his rhythms, but his vast collection of sounds is truly impressive, and effective in so many ways.

This album solidly meets expectations of any UK Rap fan, but like most albums we have special tracks that really stand out and create some transcendent moments. All in all, the elements of this long-player are there, even with battle rapper Tenchoo and fellow London rappers Oliver Sudden & Big Toast making appearances. What a way to kick off 2015, loving this long player.

Words: Alex Dunlow
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Big Ribzy – Blunts & Insecurities (Produced by Lost Alliance) Album Reviewed @BigRibzy @LostAlliance @ParkStreetPR

Big Ribzy - Blunts & Insecurities - front500

I really think that out of all the UK rappers I have heard this year, Big Ribzy is the one who has one of those effortless flows, clever punchlines and most importantly, he knows how to make great songs and great albums. I mean he is only two projects deep and already he has been signed to a label across the pond, something most UK rappers can only dream of! Incredibly consistent catalogue is something rappers need, and Big Ribzy is a rapper who seems to be able to do that!

‘Blunts & Insecurities’, produced by Lost Alliance is Ribzy’s second release this year and one of my favourite releases in 2014. A lot of the production and content revolves around a funk, jazz and soulful vibe which I love with cuts like ‘Nobody But You’, ‘Petrified’ and ‘Pray For Me’ all impressing. Sonically, the lead-single, ‘First Track’ also fits in within the Boom Bap theme, and the production really helps this audio journey.

As with all Big Ribzy projects, the album is not too focussed on the same concept time after time, and this album features a lot of premier emceeing. His display some of the best rapping you’ll hear all year is delivered with passion and sincerity which makes him an artist with uniqueness. What separates Big Ribzy from your typical underground emcee is his ability to make songs that may not have much of a concept still entertaining and engaging.

It’s going to be a pretty exciting few months for UK Hip-Hop this winter and I think Big Ribzy is going to a name you are going to hear a lot more from. This album is an underground classic that deserves your attention.

Words: Alex Dunlow

SayKriDD Daly – All Day (Album Review) @SayKriDD_Daly @ParkStreetPR


Here’s an artist whose new album is well worth checking out, not only is a good rapper but through his music he seems like a genuinely likeable guy. Here is most definitely a star in the making as he flows like melting butter over booming bass detonations and tweaking electronics. Jittery digital fuzz and SayKriDD Daly’s delivery always seem to be complimented by an anthemic chorus-line making this long player full of musical attitude. To be clear not all tracks hit the spot, but the good outweighs the bad here, and when he turns it up, he hits the spot, which is what makes his music so appealing. Refreshingly different in an era where everyone is following each other, it’s nice to hear something unique.

SayKriDD Daly – All Day (Track-list):

01 – Intro All Day VM (SCOdoubleT Skit)
02 – Rap Juggernaut
03 – Know My Name (Cuts By Winchester)
04 – Big Bad Wolf
05 – Running Feat. Prince EA & Holly Wilson
06 – Rap To You Feat. The Hellionz
07 – Believe
08 – Go Nuts!! (Cuts By Winchester)
09 – The Interlude
10 – Can You Hear Me Feat. Jimmie Black
11 – Venting
12 – White Boy Wasted
13 – Shine With Me Feat. Holly Wilson
14 – Never End
15 – My Life Feat. Holly Wilson
16 – Where The F Can I Get Your Music Ya B**tard?! VM (SKIT)

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Alex Dunlow

Fdot1 – I’m A Rebel (Album Review) @Fdot1tv @ParkStreetPR

Fdot1 - I'm A Rebel

Fdot1 is the New Yorker living in the UK who has been making serious moves in the underground for some time. Now he drops his brand new album featuring a full line-up of great acts including Tippa Irie, Corporal Ak, Trezay, Man Parrish, Judah Maccabee, Bongah Chops, Jeuce The Slayer, Alex Bruce, Dre Dollars, Elizé & Genesis Elijah.

What I like about Fdot1 is he how diverse he is, maybe the fact he has a perspective of street life in the US and UK makes him more globally expected, or maybe it’s just his open-minded approach to making tracks. The other thing is he is an amazing producer too; the beats on this album are super dope and hit the spot.

‘I’m A Rebel’ is an album that Hip-Hop fans should be up on. It’s an album that really pays testament to the scene and his collobo with the legend that is Man Parrish is reason enough alone to purchase this album. If you buy one album this week, make sure it’s this!

Fdot1 – I’m A Rebel (Track-list):

01. It Wuz Sweet/Floyd’s Intro
02. I’m A Rebel
03. Da Flo (In Case Ya Didn’t Know Remix)
04. In Yo Hood Ft. Tippa Irie, Corporal Ak & Trezay
05. Let Me Hear Ya (Hip-Hop Be Bop) Ft. Man Parrish
06. Get Live
07. InKredible Ft. Trezay, Judah Maccabee, Bongah Chops & Jeuce The Slayer
08. Radio Ft. Alex Bruce, Trezay & Dre Dollars
09. Without You 03:48
10. Good Life/Find The Time
11. Sunshine Ft. Elizé
12. Datz Ur Bizness (Pt. II) Ft. Jeuce The Slayer
13. I’m A Rebel (Remix) Ft. Genesis Elijah

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Words: Alex Dunlow

King K.O.N.G. & Teck-Zilla join forces on ‘KongZilla’ (Free Download) #Review

King Kong and Godzilla: two of the most famous, yet misunderstood, movie monsters of our time. While the two behemoths may have squared off against each other in the past, their combined efforts could have led them to defeat the government and rule the world. But what if their was a hybrid beast—one that had the animalistic nature of the Skull Island ape and the terrifying command of the Toho reptile? King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla, two equally talented beasts on the mic and on the beats, respectively, have teamed up to destroy all those who stand in their path.

Their united talents have led to KongZilla, the 9-track onslaught that’ll decimate any wack rappers in their path. The EP brings together the best raps of the Long Island emcee, coupled with the Nigerian-born beatsmith. Sonically, the project serves up a series of fresh tracks that show the inner workings of the very monster they’ve become. With joints like the hard-hitting, “The Bringer” and the introspective, gloomy jam “Break of Day,” we get a full understanding of our antiheroes. So whether you’ve already been introduced to the duo, or have just tuned in, King K.O.N.G. and Teck-Zilla’s KongZilla is now available for free download.. you’ve been warned.

Alex Dunlow

Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome @TheRealPeaky @AVRevolution @ParkStreetPR


‘Crazy Pupil Syndrome’ is a superb new concept album from British rapper PEAKY. This project is half way beteen an album and a mixtape, with skits to glue it together so it really does sound like an urban soundscape of audio treats. This is something Hip-Hops will adore, and it bangs all the way through.

Peaky – Crazy Pupil Syndrome (Track-listing):

01. Painting the City (feat. Clare Bishop)
02. LAtely
03. Holding My Dreams
04. Skit – “Awake”
05. Dead Presidents
06. Dilations and Credentials
07. Belly of the Sphinx
08. Skit – “Results + My Ego”
09. Patrick Stewart / Grind
10. Lonely and Cold
11. Skit – “Invitation”
12. Luxury
13. Drunk Off the Funk
14. Too Late
15. Televised Daemons
16. Fr£ak$ (feat. Eyesis Star)
17. Lucifer’s Wrist (feat. Hlkz & Kahlee)[Bonus]

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