UK Runnings Presents Mr. Melta – Meltdown Volume 2 (Hosted by Tricksta)

Cambridge rapper Mr. Melta teams up with the UK’s leading UK Hip-Hop mixtape series UK Runnings for volume two of his ‘Meltdown’ mixtape series. Hosted & mixed with excellence by UK veteran Tricksta this collection of tracks is something that all UK heads to be up on. From the start to the finish it bangs hard with some nice flows and nice textures throughout the mixtape. Mr. Melta is a rapper with a bright future if he keeps these levels up. Feeling the diverseness and the way he can rock at different tempos.

01. Pre-Introduction Feat. Tricksta
02. ReIntroduction
03. Champion
04. Treating Mics Right
05. That Time
06. Battleground Feat. Kosh
07. Artful Dodger
08. Living Room Feat. Zed-i
09. No Faking Feat. Offcut
10. Nevermind
11. Supplying
12. All About Love
13. Thats That Feat. Slang Immaculate
14. Outroduction Feat. Tricksta

All tracks recorded & mixed by Rob ‘Stirleng’ Jason at Stirleng Studios, UK

Download links:

Connect with Mr. Melta:

Connect with UK Runnings:

Connect with Park Street PR:

Review: Alex Dunlow

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