Big Dutty Deeze ‘The English Gentleman’ (Prod. By Rediculus) Review

Already blowing up the internet both sides of the pond with his video ‘This Is England’ Big Dutty Deeze finally releases his debut album. Lyrical is every sense of the word, ‘The English Gentleman’ is authentic sounding hip-hop album that both UK and overseas fans of the genre will appreciate. Its features crossover tracks such as ‘Time Is Wasting’ as well as raw cuts like ‘Mad Man’.

It’s an album that is diverse in its approach but we liked that as gives the album definition. The album is solid production wise, as Rediculus digs deep in the vault for an array of really banging beats. His trademark sound is there, but even for the standard of Rediculus you can here something. Let’s just say they bring the best out of each other!

Hip-Hop albums that have a long shelf are rare these days, but this is an album that will. Well produced and executed with excellence. This is an album that you require, very, very solid stuff.

The album is out now on iTunes UK and USA via Knowledge Giving Records and is digitally distributed by Island/Def Jam.

Purchase now on iTunes UK

Purchase now on iTunes USA

Big Dutty Deeze ‘The English Gentleman’ (Track-listing)

01 – The English Gentleman
02 – Time Is Wasting Feat. Wanda
03 – Never Understand Us Feat. Ruste Juxx & Prome
04 – Tomorrow Never Comes
05 – Fire
06 – This Is England
07 – Daydream
08 – Rediculus Bars Feat. Jabba Tha Kut
09 – Madman
10 – Hallelujah
11 – Ganja Anthem
12 – I Can’t Take It No More
13 – Life Of An Englishman

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Big Dutty Deeze – This Is England (Produced by Rediculus) (Music Video)

Big Dutty Deeze – Fire (Produced by Rediculus) (Music Video)

Reviewed by Alex Dunlow

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