mRnes ‘FT Erickright ‘LASTSONG’

The Time has finally arrived!! MRNES drops his latest single “LAST SONG” feat. Erik Right, from his upcoming album titled “THE BONEFACE”. He describes the way he felt about a lost love using music as a metaphor. If you have ever been in a relationship that the person is everything you’ve always wanted but the feeling was gone and you didn’t feel the same any more. Then you can relate to MRNES. You will fall in love with his latest single, “LAST SONG”.

Not too long ago, if you were known as a “rapper” you were automatically stereotyped and categorized as one type of genre. It was assumed that you as a “rapper” talked, walked, dressed and acted a certain way. You were either accepted by your peers or exit out. Now, a new wave has taken over. What was not accepted in the past is now acknowledged. There are no longer limits. Borders have been crossed and music lovers have embraced the “rappers” of today.

MRNES is a part of this new waive. He’s creating his own music lane with his unique style, choice of lyrics and flow. Good music is undeniable. MRNES has redefined the term “rapper” and has taken this method of music and has transformed it into his own. He brings a new flavor to the music world. He’s sound can be described as Wiz Khalifa meets Fabulous with a twist of B.O.B. MRNES’s mission is to capture the soul that lives in music and create tunes that many can relate to and enjoy listening too for years to come. MRNES is currently in the studio finishing his upcoming album titled “THE BONEFACE”. It’s expected to drop in the near future.

Review by Alex Dunlow

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