AC & Otee The Scoundral ‘My Perspective’

Here is an artist that is going from strength to strength, and this year it seems that every other month we getting a new project from AC. The work ethic and consistently is immediately commendable and the factor that the fact the music always remains at a level that is creative is admirable. AC is a London rapper with originality and actually a rapper with something to say. That once again is proved with this release.

From the opening track ‘My Perspective’ you instantly understand why AC has chosen producer Otee The Scoundral for production duties. The goodness continues with ‘Better Days’ which features US rapper residing in London D-21, the EP’s only guest artist. ‘I Don’t Need You’ has another highlight and ‘What’s The Difference?’ rounds up the EP so well.

I loved how the tracks worked as a collection rather than just four tracks that are just put together. Go grab it now, this is well recommended. Download this now from this direct link: and follow AC @ACtheMC.

Check out:

Review by Alex Dunlow

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