L.A. Rapper Problem Premieres “Welcome” Music Video

The 26 year old Artist Problem aka Jason Martin is also known for being a writer, producer, engineer, song arranger and father. Problem was born in Germany, raised in Compton. His musical inspirations are Eminem, everything under the NWA tree, Lil Wayne, Isley brothers, Prince, Aaliyah, R.Kelly, The Temptations, Dj Quik, The Jacksons & The group DeBarge.

His entry into the industry was writing a verse for a producer & friend Terrace Martin, for a song called “Be thankful”, featured on Snoop Dogg’s compilation album “The Big Squeeze”. The track garnered praise from notable artist such as Nas & Talib Kweli amongst others. Problem began recording records with recognized artist such as Daz, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, & Dj Quik. Problem’s first big break was when Snoop Dogg heard a record which was also produced by Terrace Martin called “Neva Hafta To Wurry About That”. He went on to write three records on Snoop Dogg’s “Ego Trippin” LP.

Since that time Problem has worked with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Soulja Boy, Tha Dogg Pound, Jim Jones, The Game, E-40, Wiz Khalifa, Guru, Bobby Valentino, 9th Wonder, Teddy Riley, Murs, Chris Brown, Polow Da Don, Baron Davis, Nipsey Hussle, Warren G, Y.G., Mann, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Michael Corleone, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, DeeRay, Kenneth Crotch, Marlon Williams, Andrew Gouche, Pharrell Williams, Travis Barker, Dj Drama, Diggy Simmons, Tru Life, James FauntLeroy, 1500orNuthin, Kanye West & John Legend to name a few.

Over his career Problem has dropped seven mixtapes, was signed to Universal & has experienced much success with the release of his party anthem “I’m Toe up”. With the talent and accolades to match, Problem is destined to shine. When asked Problem what style of music he wants to present to the world his response is “Whatever the (expletive) I feel like doing. I will not be boxed into any style or genre of music. So when you try to classify my style of rapping, don’t. Just let me be an artist.”

So with that said expect the unexpected from the Diamond Lane recording artist Problem.

Pair-A-Dyce talks to TalkingAllThatRap.com

So tell us about your latest release and where people can get it.
My latest release is The Road Less Traveled EP which kinda touch on the subject of what I’ve been dealing as far as getting heavy into the music business but the subjects I feel anyone could relate to. You can get it here in the store > http://www.pairadyce.com

This is a tough question, and I know some people like to remain humble, but if you had to give a reason why you think people should check your music, what would you say?
I would say listen to my music because there is song that you can relate to, I’m a normal dude rapping about normal situations. I’m not rich or famous, so everything I have to say, you’ve probably said yourself. I’m just like you.

Out of all the songs you have released or been involved with, which song would you say was the popular? What is your number one track?
My most popular track was probably More Than Ruff with Craig G and Koncept, that was a good highlight for me.

In the whole process involved in making music which due you think is the most exciting?
It’s close between recording and mixing. When recording you hear the vision come to life, but sometimes it really takes shape after it’s mixed and you can feel the effort put into it.

When your recording what is the vibe like in your studio, do you have mood that helps you create?
I usually work by myself and do my own engineering, but the thing that makes me the most creative is when I’m doing a song with others because I want to stand out so I go all out as far as elements.

How do you like your production, do you prefer original played beats or more sampled based production?
I like original productions but I also love it when something is sampled really well or sampled so that you have no idea it’s a sample because they combine elements.

What producers do you work with and are there any producers you’d like to work with?
Right now I work with Rediculus, Jon Glass, Kayser9soze, Rob Connelly, and I’ve started to work with a duo called 4th Floor From The Sky. I’d like to work with anybody, kinda got a full plate at the moment.

The Hip-Hop scene is really spilt between the mainstream and underground, do you think this makes it harder to get noticed by so many different types of rap fans?
There’s so many rap fans, all you really need is a dedicated core. It really depends on what your goals are as well, if you wanna be popular you aim for a general audience, if you want to be in a comfort zone, you’ll have a smaller audience so it’s really dependent on the artist.

A lot of artists have some sort of free download project. Do you think doing these kind of releases helps or hinders sales on iTunes?
Majority of my projects have been free and really it was just a way of getting a fan, if you do have music you are making for sale, I don’t think it should hurt you because the free projects are to keep the fans entertained.

Image seems everything these days, so lets talk about your artwork. Do you come up with concept or does your designer do it? Tell us more about who done the cover to your latest release.
I come up with all the concepts and artwork, I am my own designer. For The Road Less Traveled EP, I wanted to give that feeling of being the only person to venture out on a path and I wanted it to have a visual effect that would set the tone for the project. I think it’s my best artwork to date.

Even though You Tube is on-line TV Station, it seems to also be the place where most people go to listen to music. Do you think putting songs up with an artwork image or photo is detrimental to your full music videos?
I’m not sure, I’ve never utilized YouTube much as an artist and I have mostly functioned from my own website so from this interview I’ve been inspired to upload a song with the artwork to see what happens.

Do you have anything on You Tube or you own Channel?
Yes http://www.pairadyce.com/pairadyce

Have you ever done anything for any DVD or on-line TV channels? Any freestyles or interviews on-line to check out that are recent?
I’ve done a freestyle on a local radio station that you can see part of on my youtube channel, I’ve done an occasional interview with the most recent being here >http://expressioniseverything.wordpress.com/tag/pairadyce/

Okay before you go is there anybody you’d like to thank or anybody you’d like to shout out?
Thank you KobeMiso, Rediculus, Jon Glass, Kayser9Soze, Rob Connelly, & 4th Floor From The Sky. Shout out to Carina.

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