New Video: Stereo Boyz – Punchline Drunk

“Punchline Drunk” is the second single off the Stereo Boyz’ latest Mixtape “Guten Tag!”. The video was recorded during the groups’ “Midwest Neighbors” Tour, with scenes in Chicago, New York and at the legendary MonkeyBarz cipher at Union Square. “Punchline Drunk is a rap style we created, it’s the Stereo Boyz Drunken Master Style. We black out and write the illest sh** we possibly can. It’s our demonstration of being inebriated with creativity.”

The full “Guten Tag!” mixtape is available for free Download. Not only Switzerlands’ own Dj Jesaya lend cuts for the tape but also fellow Detroiters Dj Soko of The Left and Dj Prime Minister. With Mixo’s Father on the vocals of “From Ex to Best Friend” and Jon C (featured on J.Dilla’s “The Rebirth” project) this tape offers a variety of great talent, up tempo as well as soulful songs and of course the signature Stereo Boyz sound, which Germany’s legendary Dj Mad (Absolute Beginner) called “a breath of fresh air”.

[ Download Song here ] [ Download Mixtape here ]

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