Just P “Just Call Me P” Album Review

We’ve already told you about how good Big PSG aka Just P is when he dropped his EP last year and now he’s dropped an album of this standard it makes us feel so proud! There’s nothing like that feeling of backing the right horse! Lol. So yeh, there’s lots to talk about here, as this 21 track album really does hit the spot. For those that don’t know, Just P is the man behind the superb powerhouse that is Black Budget, one of the UK’s leading on-line portals, as well as one of the few emcee’s that has been asked to feature on Jamal Edwards’s SB TV channel, which has been estimated at SIX million pounds. Just P spits well on a varied production, but always remains real…


01. My Introduction (Produced by Politiks)
02. Im Just P (Produced by Politiks)
03. My Warning (Produced by Pro P)
04. Whoa (Produced by Gadget MJM)
05. Real Shit (Produced by Tritone)
06. Think (Produced by Tritone)
07. Soul Searching (Produced by Gadget MJM)
08. Groundhog Day (Produced by dirty Stanz)
09. Pressure (Produced by Tritone)
10. No Mercy (Produced by Tritone)
11. Real Rap (Produced by Dead Man Walkn)
12. I Smell Bullshit (Produced by Tricksta)
13. My Twisted Love Song (Produced by Tritone)
14. Tick Tock (Produced by Politiks)
15. I Just Wanna Chill (Produced by Tritone)
16. I Need Dollar (Produced by Tritone)
17. All I Need (Produced by Baron Samedi)
18. My Dedication (Produced by Tritone)
19. My Journey (Produced by Pro P)
20. Crossing Borders (Produced by Politiks)
21. Brighter Days (Produced by Politiks)

Free Download Link:

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