Magnificent Ruffians Exclusive Interview

Hi how you doing? Introduce yourself to the readers of
Our name is the Magnificent Ruffians. We are an underground rap crew out of Southern California! Inland Empire area to be exact.

So tell us about your latest release and where people can get it.
Our latest release is called Spanglish Conquistadores and you can download it for free on our bandcamp site.

This is a tough question, and I know some people like to remain humble, but if you had to give a reason why you think people should check your music, what would you say?
I would say give our music a listen because we are dope as fuck! We are real hip hop! Not that fake shit!

Out of all the songs you have released or been involved with, which song would you say was the popular? What is your number one track?
I would say our #1 track is our I.E. track. It’s on our Individuality album and a lot of people love that song. It’s about our home town and has a few other emcees on it.

In the whole process involved in making music which due you think is the most exciting?
The creative part. That part when you first hear a beat and it motivates you to want to write some dope raps. That is my favorite part of music.

When your recording what is the vibe like in your studio, do you have mood that helps you create?
When recording, I like for everyone to be gone or asleep. That way i can get into the zone more. But the beat is what makes my mood. Not really what the studio vibe is like.

How do you like your production, do you prefer original played beats or more sampled based production?
I think I prefer sampled based production. Original beats are cool, but i thing the sample based beats usually turn out sounding more like hip hop used to sound. Raw and hardcore.

What producers do you work with and are there any producers you’d like to work with?
We work with DJ Ad Seg, Tranzformer Beats, The A3, Bobby Lo and Elevated Soul. That would be our main producers. But I would love to rap on a Madlib track, or DJ Scratch, Primo or Phunk Betta track.

The Hip-Hop scene is really spilt between the mainstream and underground, do you think this makes it harder to get noticed by so many different types of rap fans?
Yes, Yo MTV raps and Rap City used to play the dope underground stuff. Once those shows were gone and the industry became all about the money… the game got wack. I think a true underground rap artist has to work 20 times harder now to get noticed.

A lot of artists have some sort of free download project. Do you think doing these kind of releases helps or hinders sales on iTunes?
I think it hinders sales on itunes. We all do free download projects now because we are realizing there is no real money in underground rap. By real money I mean the kind of money that can buy you a house, and a car, and send your kids to college. The money and support just is not there anymore. So, the smart artist get a day job, and rap on the side and give it away for free.

Image seems everything these days, so lets talk about your artwork. Do you come up with concept or does your designer do it? Tell us more about who done the cover to your latest release.
Our designer is named Makina. He is a very dope artist and he creates what we ask him to. I usually come up with the concept and then he just runs with it and makes some dope shit out of it. Plus he charges very little to do it. :)

Even though You Tube is on-line TV Station, it seems to also be the place where most people go to listen to music. Do you think putting songs up with an artwork image or photo is detrimental to your full music videos?
Yes, i actually do think people overdue it with there whole album on youtube. But, it’s usually not the artist themselves who do it. It’s some fan who wants to share the album with the world. So, in my opinion, that is pretty cool. It’s free promotion.

Do you have anything on You Tube or you own Channel?
Yes, we have a lot of videos. Check em out,

Have you ever done anything for any DVD or on-line TV channels? Any freestyles or interviews on-line to check out that are recent?
Yes, we had our music on the And One mix tape DVD in Japan. It’s a basketball documentary DVD and we got a lot of promotion from it. We also have a lot of freestyle, just go on you tube and search Magnificent Ruffians and you will see plenty of freestyle stuff.

Okay before you go is there anybody you’d like to thank or anybody you’d like to shout out?
We would like to shout out all of the Magnificent Ruffians fans! The ones who have been down with us for 12 years and have our first cd. The ones who download our albums and bang our cds in there car or in there home. We love yall.

Thanks for your time, give us all the relevant website details to check out!
Word up. Thank you for the chance to be on Peace!