EZ-MAK Records &Entertainment’s Artist “Quanche” “What You Got To Say” (Dream)

EZ-MAK Records & Entertainment has recently struck a deal with Universal for their artist Quanche and his “What You Got To Say” (Dream) single. Produced by Fonz of Dramatic Trax, this cutting edge lyrical rap etude of a person’s dreams and what his surrounding peers think about them. Accompanying this single release will be a video directed by Zion One and produced by EZ-MAK Records and Entertainment. The single is scheduled to drop in March 2012.

Quanche has recently dropped a new mix tape “Parish Boy’s Progress” featuring Neza and Potat which is creating quite a buzz among the young urban consumer. The first single from this project “Go Harder”was produced by the two time Grammy winner “Boi-1Da”, producer par excellence for Drake and Eminem. Quanche is currently working feverishly in the new studio polishing and honing his two latest unreleased singles with videos. He is also putting the final touches on his new album entitled “The Boiling Point” This album’s concept is that Quanche’s successful body of work, which has slowly been percolating since he burst on the scene in 2009, is reaching the boiling point and Quanche is about to blow up. Even at his young age he has opened for major artists such as Dead Prez, Nicki Minaji and Rick Ross. It is no wonder that he has been tagged as The Future of Canadian Hip-Hop.

EZ-MAK Records & Entertainment is also developing a soon to be released docudrama for “The Boiling Point”. Concurrently, EZ-MAK Entertainment will launch their new state of the art recording studio the “Bee Hive” in March 2012. This eco-friendly commercial recording studio will not only provide top shelf recordings for EZ-MAK Records & Entertainment stable of artists, but is also available for commercial recording artist and musicians. The studio is located at 423 Vaughn Road, Toronto, Canada M6C2PI; telephone number 647-341-5491. The studio offers high level exotic state of the art recordings moderately priced for the up and coming aspiring artists in the Toronto area. “This is a one stop, hip hop shop where the artist or musician can take his inspiration from ideas, to track, to record to video” states EZ-MAK Records & Entertainment CEO Kama Kamikaze.

Quanche: “What You Got To Say” (Dream) Download: http://snd.sc/HAcuCz
Quanche: Parish- Boys- Progress Mix Tape: http://www.datpiff.com/Quanche-Parish-Boys-Progress-mixtape.311875.html&oldupsid=276115263793

See Quanche on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/QuanchePromo
Additional links for Quanche music: http://www.therealquanche.tumblr.com/
Follow Quanche on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@shinbonejones
For Additional Information on Quanche Visit: http://www.ez-mak.com

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