Isaiah Toothtaker Tattooed By His Twins.

Some time ago I was searching online for some Murs tracks and stumbled across a podcast he did called ‘Werd2Murs’ with some guy called Isaiah Toothtaker. I had no idea who this guy was but his story’s about long running court cases, nightclub altercations, his career as a tattooist, and other highly offensive stuff had me crying with laughter. Over the course of these podcasts I found out that Toothtaker himself also rapped and since then have seen his career on the mic pick up steam. Yesterday on Twitter he mentioned that he was thinking of letting his 8yo twins tattoo him at his shop, and today he posted up a video of the result.

Below is the video to a track he did with Murs earlier in the year called “Get Housed Homeboy”, check out his other videos too, great visuals. – All City Hustlin (Hosted by LATE) Review

Here’s a new mixtape that is hosted by UK emcee LATE who has been supporting underground realism for years now, with his magazine Rago and his mixtape series Underrgound Exposure. Now he hosts this mix with perfection for leading UK based blog The mix featres some killer tracks by the likes of Big Mike formerly of the Geto Boys, as well as Thugstar from SPC, Calico, Murder One and more making appearences. Good stuff and an eye opener to some of the different sounds coming out the USA. Download it now mate…