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Hi how you doing? Introduce yourself to the readers of

Sup, my name’s Peaky. I’m a rapper and producer from West London and co-founder of the FRWRDthnkrs collective.

So tell us about your latest release and where people can get it.

My latest release is the concept album, Crazy Pupil Syndrome, which I decided to give away for free. It’ a coming of age story, outlining some of the mental and spiritual growth I’ve experienced over the past year, in the build up towards my tour of California.The title of it comes from always having felt like the odd one out at school, but realising after finishing with education that it was all down to preconceptions and social barriers I placed in my own head. You can download it on my soundcloud page ( or my bandcamp ( I’ve you hit me up after a show I’ll have physical copies on me, too.

This is a tough question, and I know some people like to remain humble, but if you had to give a reason why you think people should check your music, what would you say?

My music is a showcase for the fact that I’m weird, but also that I’m just like anybody else. I’m also one of those lyricists that takes the time to tell a story, but also hide little wordplay gems in some of the lines. The production I rap over and produce is also generally aimed to be forward thinking and experimental; smooth and headbanging at the same time.

Out of all the songs you have released or been involved with, which song would you say was the most popular? What is your number one track?

Hmmm. There’s a few that have caught a buzz, but I’d have to say probably ‘FRWRDthnkrs’. The video for that shit was popping.

In the whole process involved in making music which do you think is the most exciting?

When I get that first 8 bar loop of a sample that I’ve chopped, glitched, crushed and melted, and I can see that the beat is about to be something totally new, and I can just start adding layers of different instruments and synths, and watch the loop build into a piece. Plus, listening back to a finished track once I master it.

When your recording what is the vibe like in your studio, do you have mood that helps you create?

Different moods for different tracks. I make a lot of my best music at home setups, because I feel most comfortable and free, and I can experiment with all kinds of deliveries without feeling self conscious. I have to say I like low lighting aswell. Moody candles and all that. Puts me in my favourite space.

How do you like your production, do you prefer original played beats or more sampled based production?

My production is half way between the two. I like it when samples are used, but flipped to the extent that they aren’t even recognisable from their original forms.

What producers do you work with and are there any producers you’d like to work with?

My favourite producer to work with is HAWF, the other co-founder of the FRWRDthnkrs, a friend of mine who is probably one of the most open minded musicians I’ve ever met. I also like working with Spok Beats, from Monrovia in California. His beats have the sickest vibe to them.

The Hip-Hop scene is really spilt between the mainstream and underground, do you think this makes it harder to get noticed by so many different types of rap fans?

It really depends on what kind of music you make. I feel like if you are just honest, through and through, your people will gravitate towards you and you’ll have your fan base.

A lot of artists have some sort of free download project. Do you think doing these kind of releases helps or hinders sales on iTunes?

Probably. But fuck iTunes.

Image seems everything these days, so lets talk about your artwork. Do you come up with concept or does your designer do it? Tell us more about who done the cover to your latest release.

My artwork was done by Flo Robinson. She’s a close friend of mine; a very open minded artist. I gave her some tracks off my album while I was still creating it, and told her the concept behind Crazy Pupil Syndrome, and she liked it, so she made the artwork piece. I want to give her more shine, but she likes to remain behind the scenes, which I totally respect.

Even though You Tube is on-line TV Station, it seems to also be the place where most people go to listen to music. Do you think putting songs up with an artwork image or photo is detrimental to your full music videos?

No. It’s a different experience. There are times for streaming audio while doing something else, and there are times for sitting down and watching a music video.

Do you have anything on You Tube or you own Channel?

Yup. Got a brand new video dropping on my birthday (29th of October) to the track LAtely, off my album. Right now my biggest videos are Belly of the Sphinx and FRWRDthnkrs, and my new video will drop on my youtube channel.

Have you ever done anything for any DVD or on-line TV channels? Any freestyles or interviews on-line to check out that are recent?

I did a couple music videos with Global Faction, check out ‘Belly of the Sphinx’ on their channel (above). Otherwise I did an interview with B Side Show over in LA, and another with Underground Hip Hop blog over there, but that shit got deleted due to some discrepancies with their staff (laughs).

Okay before you go is there anybody you’d like to thank or anybody you’d like to shout out?

S/O to my FRWRDthnkrs fam as always, my FreshState brothers over in Cali, and a thank you to CM for the advice and support they’ve given me when it comes to my music career.

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Questions by Alex Dunlow